Pinehurst 2013 – Our Top 5 Instagram Posts

Beautifully, just a few days after posting this list, and barely hours after the clock struck midnight on 2013 as a year and we flipped our calendars our Outlook calendars updated to 2014, we added two Instagram posts that were MORE POPULAR than any we’ve ever had.

One of those is above.

The other is below.


Is it any surprise WE’RE THRILLED 2014 IS FINALLY HERE?


Nowhere – outside of perhaps shooting this video – has Pinehurst found more enjoyment on social media than the last year on Instagram.

Clearly, the platform is ready-made for all things Pinehurst, and in just about a year, we’ve been fortunate to add about 1,200 followers. And if you like what you see here, please feel free to share this post and join us at our Instagram account – where it should get even more interesting over the next six months.

With that said, here are Pinehurst’s five most popular Instagram posts from 2013:


5. The restoration of Pinehurst No. 2 and the anticipation of how Donald Ross’s original intent will fare for back-to-back U.S. Opens in 2014 will only intensify.


4. Originally a sun dial, the Putter Boy at twilight shows he’s capable with the moon over his shoulder as well.


3. Inside The Carolina Hotel at Christmas is something to behold.


2. Carolina blue skies, a gust of wind and Pinehurst’s historic clubhouse. It’s no wonder this made the list.


1. Oddly, it wasn’t the lush fairways or snow-white sand of Pinehurst that caught our followers’ attention the most. No, it was The Carolina draped uncharacteristically in snow. Posting this memorable photo on Christmas probably didn’t hurt its popularity, either.