Pinehurst, a champion in…whiffle ball?

WhiffleBall (1024x768)

Walter Hagen. Sam Snead. Ben Hogan. Payne Stewart.

And now, in their rightful place among those giants of Pinehurst champions, the Putterboy Pistols.

Despite their inability to recognize the proper spelling of their employer’s iconic logo – Putter Boy is two words, both capitalized, lads – the Putterboy Pistols, a team of Pinehurst Resort and Country Club golf professionals, were crowned as the Village of Pinehurst Parks and Recreation Department’s Adult Whiffleball Champions for the Winter season.

Clearly, the golf swing translates to Ruthian whiffle ball prowess. Who knew?

Pictured above (l-r), Ben Bridgers, Matt Barksdale, Brian Fahey, Paul Rezuke, Jeff Wojtusik, Adam Baj and Matt Lunden triumphed over such teams as The Village Idiots, Sand Baggers and Those Guys, among others.

Befitting their personalities, sense of fashion and academic acumen, the Pistols (Annie Oakley would be so proud) played their games at Pinehurst Elementary School and decided which team would be home or visitor by vigorous battles of “Rock, Paper, Scissors.”*

(*This is all true. Well, except the part about their personalities, fashion sense and intelligence. We’re having some fun writing this one…)

Join us in congratulating the Putterboy Pistols, first for finding a unique way of team-building and promoting department camaraderie, and secondly for proudly representing Pinehurst Resort and Country Club in our community. Honestly, this sounds like it was a blast.

The trophy, if there is one, will look so good in the History Hall next to the U.S. Open one.*

(*Also not true…)