Pinehurst Stories: Vintage Pinehurst

A few things come to mind while viewing this vintage newsreel footage of Pinehurst from what we think are the 1940s. (And if you can pin down the exact year or timeframe, let us know in the comments below.)

OK, a few thoughts:

:00 Awesome graphic. AWESOME.

:03 “The high priests of golf…” See what they did there? “High priests” with a shot of the Village Chapel. SYNERGY!

:05 Ah, so that intersection has ALWAYS been confusing. Good to know.

:09 “A quaint colonial town.” Ahem, we prefer VILLAGE, thank you very much. (Kidding. We’re kidding.)

(Honest, we’re kidding.)

:14 Note the unpaved circular drive of The Carolina Hotel. Makes us think of the sandy cartpaths of No. 2. Kinda nice…

:18 Three courses? Donald Ross had 18 holes of Pinehurst No. 4 routed by 1919. Google might’ve helped fact-checking 70 years ago…

:25 “In the afternoon, shop owners suspend business to answer the call of the fairways.” OK, what would it take to make this a daily happening again? ‘Cause I hear the call of the fairways every afternoon, yet it seems my boss doesn’t. Let’s all agree to work on this…

:29 Don’t think the croquet masters would like that parking lot.

:34 “North/South Championship Course.”

Not “Pinehurst No. 2…”

“North/South Championship Course.” Kind of gives you an idea just how important the North & South Open and North & South Amateur tournaments were then, huh?

:37 Not technically Maniac Hill, but it’s amazing that you can have this EXACT SAME VIEW 70 years later.

:42 “Three MILLION Americans.” LOVE the Dr. Evil inflection here. And wow, what a difference Arnie, Jack, Tiger and 70 years makes.

:48 What hole is that? Anyone?

:50 And yes, it would HAVE to be Sam Snead for me to set up and shoot from that angle.

OK, I’d do it for Hogan, too.