Pinehurst Top 10 in 2017 – No. 4: Pinehurst Moves and Expands Putting Course Thistle Dhu

Editor’s Note: As the year comes to a close, Pinehurst will reveal its Top 10 Stories from 2017. We’ll have one recap a day with links to the original stories if you would like to reflect more. We appreciate your engagement with each of these stories and several others from throughout the year, and we look forward to making more news in 2018.

And since we like numbers at Pinehurst, that’s exactly how we’ll count these down:

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No. 4: Pinehurst Moves and Expands Putting Course Thistle Dhu

The golf experience at Pinehurst has always evolved since Dr. Leroy Culver’s first nine holes were carved from the sand in 1898.

Continuing to improve and add new avenues to that golf experience, though, were consistent themes throughout 2017 at Pinehurst (and will continue into 2018).

Even in the Putter Boy’s shadow.

In 2012, Pinehurst opened its first putting course, Thistle Dhu, which was located near the first tee of Pinehurst No. 4. It was a big hit, even during the 2014 U.S. Opens, but always felt a little too far away from the main clubhouse.

That’s no longer a problem. As part of Gil Hanse’s vision for the new “front yard of Pinehurst,” Hanse moved and expanded Thistle Dhu to the main practice putting green just off the steps of the clubhouse, surrounding the famed Putter Boy statue with 18 meandering and mind-bending holes. Thistle Dhu is nearly four times the size of its original iteration, maxing out at about 75,000 square feet, and is routinely filled with everything from young families to buddy trips settling a score.

The best part? Thistle Dhu is free to play.