Pinehurst Top 10 in 2017 – No. 8: Pinehurst Announces it Will Open a Microbrewery

Editor’s Note: As the year comes to a close, Pinehurst will reveal its Top 10 Stories from 2017. We’ll have one recap a day with links to the original stories if you would like to reflect more. We appreciate your engagement with each of these stories and several others from throughout the year, and we look forward to making more news in 2018.

And since we like numbers at Pinehurst, that’s exactly how we’ll count these down:

No. 10: Pinehurst No. 3 Brings It All Back – Charm, Strategy…and Wire Grass

No. 9: The Deuce is named Best New Restaurant in Golf

No. 8: Pinehurst Announces it Will Open a Microbrewery

In 1895, a steam plant powered the Village of Pinehurst, helping the quaint village prosper and grow for the next century and into the mid-1990s.

Since then, though, the historic building has sat in ruin, begging to be revitalized.

In mid-2017, Pinehurst announced it would do just that, renovating and restoring the vintage façade and many of the original windows, bringing it back to life as a microbrewery and restaurant.

More details are scheduled to come through 2018, and the Pinehurst Brewery is planned to open in the summer.

Stay tuned.