Pinehurst’s First Signs of Spring – Including one we’ve never seen before now
March 17, 2021

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After 125 years, we’ve learned at Pinehurst that there are several signs that Spring really is just around the corner. And while the Official First Day of Spring is Saturday, March 20, (or, as we like to call it, FDOS!) it’s always good to see the early suggestions – big and small – that warmer, longer days are ahead.

Yet, even after all those decades, you’d think we had seen every signal of the approaching Spring. But there’s a new one this year. We’ll get to that in a minute.

Until then, let’s check in on a few of the usual Signs of Spring, and check in to see if we’ve caught those so far.

The Tennis Trees

Photo by John Patota

Every year, they are first. The two large flowering cherry trees that frame the Pinehurst Tennis Club are stately in their size and always the first of the blooming flowering trees around Pinehurst. With all of the towering pines, these stand out with their bright pink color and always seem to come a few days before the Bradford Pear trees pop, a couple of weeks before the dogwoods show off and ahead of the annual azaleas. Their show doesn’t last long, but it’s the sight for sore eyes we all desperately need.

Shadowing the Fox Squirrels in February

Most people don’t know this, or choose – for some reason – to always follow Phil up there in Punxsutawney. Whatever. Those of us around here in Pinehurst know that on every February 2, whenever the fox squirrels see their shadows, that means it’s going to be another year of beautiful days in Pinehurst. Also, if the fox squirrels don’t see their shadows, it means it’s going to be another year of beautiful days in Pinehurst.

That’s the beauty of the fox squirrels – they’re never wrong.

Frolin’s Return

That moment you walk up the brick path toward the Pinehurst Clubhouse, and you hear that voice before you even see him.


And you know he’s back, which means one thing.

“Spring is here if I am here,” says Frolin Hatcher, who has worked at the bag drop of the Clubhouse with Larry Goins for more than three decades. “I am not coming back until the weather is warm.”

“I usually take two weeks off in January and February,” Larry says, “but spring has sprung if Frolin is back.”

So, what exact day does Frolin return to his spot this year?

March 20, 2021.

The First Day of Spring. #FDOS

The First Day of Spring in 2021

A new first sign of Spring in Pinehurst? What is this?

Yes, there are indeed still new signs of Spring that are happening in Pinehurst.

This one, though, we can’t quite tell you about yet.

But we will soon. Like, on Saturday morning.

Hint: It has to do with the FDOS, so keep checking @PinehurstResort and @Shop.Pinehurst (AND HERE) for more information soon.

But when you see it, you’ll know it’s Springtime in Pinehurst.

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