Pinehurst’s Greatest Golf Hole – The Tournament

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UPDATE, March 27: We’ve updated with the finishes of three first-round games, and so far, the higher seeds are holding. Time for more games, including a second chance for The Cradle.

UPDATE, March 22: We’ve updated the bracket from the play-in games, with the 15th-seeded 15th Hole of Pinehurst No. 5 – the famed Cathedral Hole – advancing, along with Gil Hanse’s redesigned 6th Hole of No. 4, the No. 16 seed, which will now advance to take on the top seed of the tournament, the 5th Hole of Pinehurst No. 2.

So, a 16 seed versus a No. 1. What could possibly go wrong?

The Cathedral Hole will take on the bracket’s 2nd seed, the 14th Hole of Pinehurst No. 8. Voting is happening now at Facebook and Twitter.

A little background:

We’ll be honest, our NCAA Tournament brackets are busted.

But we still wanted to have some fun with March Madness, and based off of some voting by you, we’ve selected a Pinehurst Dream 18. Now, it’s time for the tournament to determine what is Pinehurst’s Greatest Golf Hole.

We’ll be doing a series a online polls – on Twitter and Facebook (voting is open now) – over the next few days, allowing you to determine Pinehurst’s best hole. We’ll update the bracket as we go along, revealing what you believe to be Pinehurst’s best hole on the day the NCAA Championship is played.

We hope you’ll play along.