Pinehurst’s Greatest Moments – The Bracket

It’s that time of year again, and while last year we had a tournament to determine your favorite golf course at Pinehurst, this year we’re pitting some of the biggest moments in Pinehurst history against each other in a tournament bracket.

All of the information is available in the below bracket (apologies for the Google-placed ads throughout – those are out of our hands). Each matchup has some detail to go with it as well as some video background to help you make your picks.

Go ahead and go through the entire bracket and feel free to share both your choice and the bracket itself with your friends on Facebook and Twitter.

Finally, at the close of the NCAA Championship, we’ll reveal which moment received the most wins and the most votes. Will it be Payne? Will it be Ross? Will it be the No. 2 restoration or Ben Hogan winning for the first time?

You decide.