To all players visiting Pinehurst – try to top this


OK, the bar has been set.

A couple of days ago, Lydia Ko and Danielle Kang left Williamsburg after the Kingsmill Championship for a couple of practice rounds on Pinehurst No. 2 to prepare for the U.S. Women’s Open in a few weeks.

Because Kang is one of the best follows on Twitter – seriously, go follow her now – this photo appeared following their lunch in the Donald Ross Grill.

It got us to thinking – will any pro coming by Pinehurst in the next few weeks top this? Can any pro coming to Pinehurst top this? Is there a pro who can top this?

Nothing like two U.S. Amateur Champions, roaming – and messing around – in the famed halls of Pinehurst.

So pros, take heed – let’s see what you got.

Just remember to Tweet them @PinehurstResort.