Ross’ moonlight golf contest

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If you’ve never heard the story of Donald Ross’ moonlight golf contest against fellow professional Jack Jolly, we suggest you keep reading. 

Described by the Pinehurst Outlook as the “most novel and unique exhibition of its character that has ever taken place either in this country or abroad, during the long and brilliant history of the ancient Scottish game,” it got underway at 8 p.m. Jan. 9, 1906.

More than 200 spectators gathered for the match, which was suggested because of  the “rare quality of the moonlight here which the white, sandy soil makes doubly brilliant.”

Ross won the contest and it was concluded “moonlight golf is not only feasible, but in many ways, practical.”

“The novelty and interest, the strangeness and fascination, and the beauty of the night, made the occasion one of rare enjoyment which has led to a general expression of the hope that events of a like character may not be of uncommon occurrence in future,” the Outlook wrote.

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