The Perfect Holiday Gift in 8 Easy Steps

  1. You’re here, so Step 1 is already done (you’re online).
  2. Commit to the correct decision – Give the gift of golf this holiday season.
  3. Don’t overthink – Even if the family doesn’t include golfers, that’s fine, this gift is still perfect.
  4. Purchase one $50 Pinehurst Gift Card here.
  5. Include this phone number – (910) 235-8141, Ext. 4 – that’s the main golf shop.
  6. Include these instructions in a card: Happy Holidays! Call the Pinehurst Golf Shop and see about scheduling a tee time on The Cradle, Pinehurst’s new short course. This gift card covers you, but the kids can also play free with you, and all of you can play it as many times as you want that day.
  7. Encourage them to play Thistle Dhu, too. It’s free for everyone.
  8. Recipient enjoys golf with the kids, who just might fall in love with the game, too.

Your work here is done. Repeat if necessary.

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