Thistle Dhu – The Video


Resort’s new putting course brings golf, history and fun together on 18 mind-bending holes

VILLAGE OF PINEHURST, N.C. – Charlie Godleski tried to size up the putt, but a wry smile and condescending chuckle were all he could muster.

He stood over the putt anyway, taking one last look at the line before settling in to his stance. One last shallow breath, and Godleski swing the putter head back.

He struck the ball cleanly, sending in on a sojourn unlike he had ever seen before on a putting green. The ball ambled down the slope, quickly picking up speed. How it was ever going to stop was anyone’s guess.

Godleski turned his body straight to watch the ball’s descent. Down and down and it went, still motoring pretty good. It fell into a large bowl-like area – the antithesis of Donald Ross’s famous turtleback greens – and glided past the cup, angling up the far side of the bowl’s slope beyond the hole.

The ball finally stopped, but only for the briefest of moments.

Then it began to roll back toward the hole.

Bernie Schultz, Godleski’s playing partner at the Pinehurst Country Club Member-Guest Tournament, had strolled following the ball’s path when Godleski had struck it. But now he stopped. The ball started a second descent, this time from behind the cup, angling toward the hole. Schultz raised his right arm into the air.

Could it go?

“Back door! Back door!” yelled a fellow putter from across the green.

“Ohhhhhhhhhhhhhh!” yelled Schultz as the ball stopped once more, this time only inches from the cup.

“Gosh, where were you this morning?” Schultz quipped at Godleski, who could only laugh and shake his head. Then Schultz let him off the hook. “Well, we weren’t putting on greens like this.”

Welcome to Thistle Dhu.