The Ultimate Pinehurst Christmas List

Santa Putter Boy Pinehurst

Just let us take a wild guess on this one, OK?

You’ve asked your husband/boyfriend/brother/father/son/son-in-law what he wants for Christmas. You’ve asked more than once. You’ve asked daily. And now, you’re ready to kill him.


Because you keep getting this answer:

“I don’t know. I don’t really need anything.”

Now, we also understand this can go both ways. She doesn’t know what she wants, either. Or, ahem, what she needs. (OK, OK, we all know she NEEDS you to do more around the house and help with the kids and stuff, but that isn’t helping under the tree right now, is it?)

And this can extend beyond family as well. Boss? Co-worker? Father-in-law? (Oh right, that’s technically family.)

Anyway, we’re here to help.

If you’re reading this, then someone on your Christmas list follows golf and has a soft spot for Pinehurst. So while we know we’re all running out of time, any of these items can be found at Pinehurst’s Golf Shop (open daily 8 a.m.-6 p.m.), and many of them can be found online (or call 1-800-795-4653) at

Now, we do have to mention that shipping might be a little tight for Christmas right now, but you can at least take a shot. And besides, who doesn’t love a little extra AFTER Christmas? (Ladies, a hint: Guys don’t care if it’s late. Honest. Especially if you tell them their gift is COMING FROM PINEHURST. Trust us on this one.)

And finally, if you’re THAT GUY, or THAT GIRL, telling people “I don’t really NEED anything for Christmas,” we have an option for you, too.

Print this and share.


Pinehurst Prints

First Light at Pinehurst 5×7 print $6; matted fine art 11×17 print $74

This one is near and dear to our hearts. If you follow Pinehurst on Facebook and Twitter (and if not, what’s keeping you already?), you’ve probably seen this photo by Kaye Pierson, who is a standout golf course maintenance employee at Pinehurst. One January morning this year, Kaye walked to work, saw this landscape before her, and whipped out her iPhone and snapped a quick photo. Since then, more than 100,000 people on Facebook have seen the photo and it has appeared on The Golf Channel – twice. Now, it’s available as an archival fine art print or as a 5×7 card, and much of the proceeds go to First Health Hospice and Palliative Care and Campus Healing Gardens in Pinehurst. This one brings a tear of joy to our eye.


Pinehurst caps

Ladies’ Caps Assorted $28

Pinehurst has a large assortment of different caps in many colors, styles and prices. Great for golf, great for anything really. (Another public service announcement, ladies: Guys think you look good in caps. Seriously. We like this a lot. Pick one out for yourself. Just sayin’.)


Payne Stewart Statue
Payne Stewart Statue $90

If you’ve been to Pinehurst, you’ve likely taken your photo alongside the Payne statue memorializing his classic 15-foot putt to win the 1999 U.S. Open. For the first time, Pinehurst now has miniatures of the statue available. Simply put, THESE ARE AWESOME. They’re about 18 inches, so it’s a good size and perfect for an office desk or shelf. Nobody else will have this in their office. You want this. Trust us. (If the Putter Boy statue is more your style, we’ve got those, too.)


Peter Millar Pinehurst

Peter Millar Pinehurst Dress Shirts $102

Subtle Pinehurst logo on the cuff. Peter Millar quality and design. All class.


Pinehurst Golf Bag

Pinehurst Golf Bag $204

When you sport one of these at your local club, people immediately know two things – either that person is a real player, or that person truly loves golf and has something I wish I had. Obviously, either is acceptable.


Pinehurst Sweater

Pinehurst Sweater $128

It’s the latest style every guy is wearing at the office, at dinner and/or on the golf course. It’s comfortable, warm, modern, and is a classy look. And let’s face it, he needs all the help he can get, right? Well, he can’t go wrong here, and you don’t have to worry about being next to an embarrassing Christmas sweater or tie. Win-Win.


Pinehurst Adidas Pullover

Adidas Pinehurst Pullover $78

If the sweater is a bit too pricy, there are plenty of options at Pinehurst. These are home runs no matter whom you are buying them for.


Pinehurst Adidas Shirts

Adidas Pinehurst Golf Shirts $46

Just want a simple golf shirt, but with a logo that matters to people when they see it? Done.


Pinehurst Putter Covers

Putter Boy Putter Covers $24, 30 percent off

No-brainer. Got a golfer you need a gift for? It doesn’t get much easier than this. Pinehurst Putter Boy logos on a putter cover. Genius.


Pinehurst caps

Pinehurst Caps Assorted, $28

You know guys and kids love hats. Take your pick.

And, even better, take a closer look…


Pinehurst Sales


Actually, right now Pinehurst is holding some of its best sales of the season.


Pinehurst Ball Marker

Ball Mark Repair Tool $16

You don’t have to break the bank for a gift from Pinehurst, and these are always great for golfers. (Plus, you know, golf course grounds crews LOVE your favorite golfer to actually use these.) Also, again, let’s be frank. This makes your golfer friend look a lot cooler to his or her buddies when those guys are just using some old quarter to mark their balls.

Speaking of balls…


Pinehurst Balls

Pinehurst, um, Balls $20-22

These will be VERY popular once the U.S. Opens roll around – for kids seeking autographs. Until then, they are AWESOME for Office Flinchball.


Pinehurst Balls 2

Um, wait. Never mind. You didn’t read that. Nothing to see here. Move along…



A Place Called Pinehurst

Evergreen Golf or Spa Escape $169 per night (double occupancy)

It’s Pinehurst’s best rates of the year. It’s for The Carolina Hotel. It includes the legendary Carolina breakfast buffet. Golf for you, golf for him, golf for her. Spa for you, spa for him, spa for her. Whatever you want it to be. And for just $100 more, you can play Pinehurst No. 2 less than 6 months before the 2014 U.S. Opens.

Perfect, right?

Merry Christmas from Pinehurst.