Video: Finally, how to beat Rory McIlroy…

Chances are you’ve seen this video before – it has more than 4 million views on YouTube and was part of a commercial.

But it’s worth calling back to it for two things:

  1. The Martin Kaymer line, which, obviously, means a little more to us at Pinehurst now than it did a year ago.
  2. The only thing that might be able to beat Rory right now is a robot. And even then, Rory held his own.

And OK, one more thing – are there words to express just how likable Rory is in this? For a behind-the-scenes look at how the shoot was conducted, go here (it’s worth your time), where you’ll find that Rory went into the skills competition pretty blind, and had no idea the mouth the robot had on it. And yet he ran with it.

From that linked article:

(Director Kelvin) Hutchins shot the commercial with expediency in mind, not quite telling McIlroy what was going to unfold on the range.
So when Rory shows up, every reaction is genuine.
“All Rory knew when he showed up that he was going to be involved in a skills challenge, with washing machines, against a robot,” Parente said.
What? Did you think Rory can act?
“Everything else was literally his reaction as it happened.”


And the final shot? Man, the kid is good.

Here’s Rory, after his first look at Pinehurst No. 2: