Video: Gators, golf, and the color commentary

Seeing this video – with the sound down – makes us glad that, at Pinehurst, we only have to worry about how many crackers a fox squirrel might steal from our golf bags.

But watching it with the sound down is a critical mistake. A horrible mistake. No, this video has to be heard as much as it has to be seen.

The real gem of this video is not the fight of two alligators on a golf course. No, it’s the running commentary we get from the guys who – we’re just saying – seem to get WAY too close, and care WAY too much about their round of golf.

Here, allow us to break this one down:

:28 seconds Other Guy: “Hey, they run 30 miles an hour.” Our Fearless Videographer: “They should go for the water, right?”

Um, dude…

:34 seconds Other Guy: “You wanna come back and play this hole?” Our Fearless Videographer: “Nah, we can go ahead and tee off.”

Um, dude…

:58 seconds Other Guy: “Hey, uh, why don’t we just, uh…


Glad they have their priorities straight.

1:22 Other Guy: “They’re fightin’ for territory, rights now.”

“Rights now” is not a typo. Can this get any better?

Oh wait, yes it can.

2:25 Gator turns and looks at them: Other Guy: “Whoa, Whoa. Uhhhhh…”

Yeah, those were our thoughts at the BEGINNING of this video.

3:29 Other Guy: “That little one ain’t that smart.”

Um, dude…

3:47 Other Guy: “Alright, let’s tee off while we can.”

Honestly, that’s the only way to end it. They should’ve cut the video off right there.

Rights there.