Video: Michael Jordan chips in, gets excited….and we break it all down

At the 13th annual Michael Jordan Celebrity Invitational at Shadow Creek Golf Club in Las Vegas this week, His Airness made a sweet, sweet chip in.

In watching the video, though, a few things stand out. So let’s break it down, Pinehurst Blog-style.

:00 Nice lie in the rough, there.

:02 Ads on YouTube videos are annoying. If you ever see those start popping up on Pinehurst videos, please let us know and we’ll fix it.

:04 Are those the famous Jordan golf cargo shorts? Of course, this is His Airness’s tournament. Plus, he’s MICHAEL JORDAN. The man can do whatever he wants. (And we’d be happy to see the cargos on No. 2…just sayin’.)

:06 People are starting to get excited in the background. Green looks really, really slick.

:08 The pin is out? Wow.

:10 GREAT SHOT. Just great. Although MJ didn’t call it like this one…

Then again, dude had the pin out. Pretty strong.

:12 I think we’ve seen that fist-pump before, though this one was decidedly more grounded.

:15 Wait, MJ was playing in the same group as WAYNE GRETZKY?! Begs one more question: Where’s…

:17 A couple of things about this screengrab:


  • Note MJ’s facial expression. Allow me to interpret that facial expression for you. “I expected to make that. And you all will hear about it FOR THE REST OF THE AFTERNOON AND EVENING AND NIGHT!”
  • Note the cigar in hand.
  • Even MJ wears the white belt.


:19 Slow motion replay. Um, OK.

:21 Still slow motion.

:25 Still slow motion.

:27 Um, a ball rolling in slow motion is not the sliced bread of viral video making. At least I don’t think it is.

:31 Then again, this involves Michael Jordan, an MJ fist-pump, and pure, uncut MJ swagger. This will probably reach a million views by 10 p.m.

:34 Still a golf ball rolling in slow motion. (MENTAL NOTE: Should’ve added a slow motion clip to this…)

:40 Wait, wait, wait, wait, WAIT.

You give me 21 seconds of a golf ball rolling in slow motion, but NOT THE FIST-PUMP?! THE FIST-PUMP IS NOT SHOWN IN SLOW MOTION?! You had it at your fingertips, amateur video editor. HAD IT AT YOUR FINGERTIPS.

:43 Oh, you closed with that moment of the high-five.


Nice save.

Enjoy your 14 million views, sir (or ma’am). Nice work.

And Mr. Jordan, the first tee to No. 2 awaits.

Wear the shorts, light the cigar, and let’s try that shot on one of Donald Ross’s beauties.

We’ll bring the camera.