VIDEO: The WORST Golf Trick Shots

You know by now we like trick shots. And we even have a favorite trick shot of all time.

But you know what rarely makes it onto the interwebs?

The WORST trick shots. (Unless you count this one.)

Really, you can run a Google search for “worst golf trick shots” or “golf trick shot fail,” and it’s still clear that the “good” trick shots outweigh the bad at a clip of about 100-1. Maybe more.

Of course, no one wants to look bad on the internet. Obviously.

But, friends, there are a few.

And we found them.

The great thing about some of these? Until today, most of them didn’t even have 100 views.

Time to change that.

And so we present to you, one day’s finding of the WORST trick shots in golf:

This started the day with 10 views.


The overconfidence is hilarious. The belch is disturbing, but telling for how much these two had to drink.

“YouTube…are you ready?” this guy says.

YouTube, sir, is always ready. You, on the other hand…


85 views to start the day. Here we learn that sometimes, trick shots can be dangerous. And can lead to broken driving ranges. And shock. And relief.

And sometimes, sweet, sweet delayed laughter from the cameraman.


78 views to start the day. Not so much a trick shot. More of a bad decision.

Nothing about this seems like a good idea. How come we can see that, but it takes the guy actually playing the shot to finally realize it?


This one actually has a whopping 358 views. So earnest. So hopeful.

And so, so bad.


Finally, let’s close with a pretty good one:


Please, add your favorite WORST golf trick shots in the comments below.