Vietnam War veterans reconnect through Facebook post

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This photo of the Carolina Hotel brought two Vietnam veterans together after more than 40 years after it was posted to the Pinehurst Resort Facebook page on Sept. 18.

Terry Heyl is typically a quiet Facebook user, skimming his newsfeed for photos of his grandchildren and rarely commenting. That changed Sept. 18 when he spotted a familiar name, Dave Langley.

Langley left a comment under a photo of the historic Carolina Hotel. “Good morning. See you in 8 days!” he wrote.

Twenty minutes later, Heyl replied to Langley’s post: “Were you in Da Nang?”

Langley’s response said it all: “YES. OMG. Terry!”

Vets blog post screen cap

It turns out the men, both Air Force veterans, were roommates during the Vietnam War.

“I haven’t seen him since ’72,” Heyl said. “Isn’t that something?”

Since discovering each other through that faithful Pinehurst Resort post, they’ve exchanged email addresses and chatted several times.

Golf will continue to bring the men together when they meet up next month for the first time in four decades to get reacquainted with a round.

It’s unlikely they’ll go another 40 years without seeing each other as both men frequently visit Pinehurst. Heyl’s son-in-law, John Jefferys, is the new Superintendent of Pinehurst No. 2 and Langley owns a house at Pinehurst No. 6.

We’re happy Pinehurst is a small part of their story. Read their entire interaction below.

Vet facebook convo