We need your help – Please vote for Clarkie

Today and for the next few days, we are outright asking you for your help. And it’s for our friend Clarkie Carroll, a tremendous 12-year-old boy who fought like crazy to beat cancer last year.

What are we doing? We’re trying to win him a round of golf with Tom Watson and Zach Johnson, but we need you to get him there.

Via Golf Channel or social media, you may have seen something about the Transamerica Trick Shot contest (check the video above). We’re hoping you will participate in the voting for a winner in this contest, because Pinehurst has nominated our good friend, Clarkie Carroll.

Again, the winner of this contest will get to play golf with the likes of Tom Watson, Zach Johnson and Kyle Stanley. You can vote directly for Clarkie’s video here. Please do. If anybody deserves such a special day, it’s Clarkie, a quiet little boy who never asks for anything extra.

A little more about this incredibly special kid:

Clarkie has battled a rare bone cancer called Ewing’s Sarcoma. He had half of his right femur removed (that’s where the tumor was), which was replaced by a titanium prosthesis. This resulted in his right leg being a few inches longer than his left.

Clarkie, clearly, loves golf (lacrosse, too), and he performed this trick shot at another Donald Ross course, at Glen Falls Country Club in New York. Clarkie’s grandparents, Tom and Joan Moynihan, live at Pinehurst No. 7.

He also did it after just completing 10 months of chemotherapy.

We’ll pause to let that sink in.

Clarkie’s doing well today, but he’ll be scanned quarterly for the next 5 years. He’s one tough – and talented – little kid.

His dad, Dave, put Clarkie’s toughness into words for us:

“10 months of chemo.

17 Rounds.

54 Treatments.

Zero Complaints.”

To which, we’ll add…

One GREAT golf swing.

Yes, there are some other fantastic trick shots submitted to this contest.

But Clarkie has our vote. We hope he has yours as well.

-Alex Podlogar