Wedding Trends for This Year and Beyond

We recently sat down with Michele Soderquist, the head of Pinehurst’s weddings team, to get an idea of what’s trending in the wedding world.

High fashion tends to have a major impact on trends from colors to shapes, which is why she suggests paying attention to the runway if you’re looking to get ahead of the curve.

Below, we’ll guide you through what’s in now and what to expect in the future.

Geometric Shapes

Wedding Trends Geometric Shapes 1

Geometric shapes create backgrounds with visual interest.

Bold geometric shapes and patterns seem to be popping up in weddings everywhere. Incorporate this trend into your big day with a variety of interesting vases (think octagonal, polygonal and triangular) for eye-catching centerpieces. You can also create patterns that can serve as room dividers and textured backgrounds.

Country Rustic

Use boxwood shrubs for a unique twist of country rustic.

While most of Pinehurst’s couples have stayed away from the country rustic trend, Soderquist said it’s alive and well throughout the country. Reclaimed wood, burlap, vintage vegetable cans, mason jars and the like continue to be popular wedding decorations.




Wedding Trends Metallic 2

Try using a pop of gold like these metallic wood stumps.

Copper, rose gold, silver, bronze – expect to see all of these on the wedding circuit. Whether against the soft glow of a candle or a soft flower arrangement, metallics transform into romantic décor. Used alone, they incite a rustic feel.

Trend Alert

“If somebody’s trying to make their wedding stand out amongst their friends, trends come into play,”  Soderquist said. “The best way to spot new trends is paying attention to the high fashion scene and what’s starting to trend in furniture design.”

Wedding Trends Colors Trying to figure out what your color palette should be? Soderquist suggests turning to Pantone’s Color the Year. This year, that’s Rose Quartz, a soft pink, and Serenity, a light blue.

If you head over to the Pantone website, you can see color pairings that will help expand your options.

“More often than not, this is where you end up seeing more user-friendly shades,” Soderquist said.

Pantone also releases a spring and fall fashion color report each year. See what’s trending this fall. 

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