Yes, Pinehurst is giving away U.S. Open tickets…


It was an incredible week, with more than 6,500 total entries, and more than 5,000 entries into the U.S. Open tickets giveaway contest alone. We can’t thank all of you enough for engaging with us. We hope to have more giveaways very soon!

As for winners for the weekly prizes:

Primo Cruz won the Putter Boy statue:


Ron Feir won the Pinehurst No. 2 Pin Flag:


And Haley Bungay won the Payne Stewart statue:


Here again is our original post of the grand prize from last week:

You don’t have to refresh the page. It’s true.

All this week, Pinehurst Resort announced different prize giveaways during the second hour of Matt Adams’s popular SiriusXM Radio show, “Fairways of Life,” which he broadcast live from the rooftop of the Pinehurst Clubhouse (Tuesday) and from The Carolina Hotel (Wednesday-Friday).



The week-long run culminated with Pinehurst’s biggest prize announcement, which was revealed Friday morning by Pinehurst Social Media Manager Alex Podlogar. (Click above to hear the full interview, where we revealed the prize giveaway, but also chatted about the Pinehurst Resort social “community” philosophy.)

2014 US OPEN_JOINT logoWith a simple Retweet, you are entered for a chance to win a pair of your choice of U.S. Open tickets – the U.S. Open Championship from June 9-15, or the U.S. Women’s Open Championship from June 16-22.

Seriously, you don’t have to refresh your page.* This is real.

*Actually, if you’d like to refresh the page, by all means, please go ahead. We like page views. We like stats. We like big numbers. Go ahead. We’ll wait.

Done? OK.

This contest will run through the weekend, the tickets are for the full week, and a winner will be chosen at random of all the RTers.

But we’re doing something a little more special with this one, considering the prize at stake.

We recognize not everyone is on Twitter (although really, it’s great, great fun). And while Twitter is the easiest way to enter (one simple click of the mouse or pressing of the thumb; you can even do it right here on this page), we want to accommodate as many of our followers as possible.

So, if you comment on the Facebook post that brought you to this page, or if you choose to comment in the “Comments” section below, consider yourself entered.

Seriously. We’re not kidding.

You have until Sunday night.

Good luck.

EDITOR’S NOTE: We’re hopeful to add many of the interviews Matt conducted with various Pinehurst Resort officials throughout his visit (Don Padgett II, Bob Farren, Chef Thierry Debailleul, The Spa’s Jennifer Malia Roche, and many more). As soon as we have them, we will post them on the Pinehurst News site. For instance, here are the interviews from Tuesday’s show.