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We asked kids: What’s your favorite thing about playing golf with your parents?

We asked kids one simple question: What’s your favorite thing about playing golf with your mom or dad?

The answers, it turns out, weren’t always as simple as the question.

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Kobe Bryant’s Golf Swing

You’ve seen Charles Barkley’s attempts at, uh, a golf swing.

Here’s Kobe Bryant.

Some advice for Kobe:

Don’t take on MJ any time soon.

That said…Kobe, we can get you there. If you see this, we’d be happy to set you up in a Pinehurst Golf Academy School.

Let us know. Seriously.

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Welcome back, U.S. Kids


Pinehurst is proud to welcome back U.S. Kids Golf for two weeks of world championship play!


There is nothing better than seeing kids experience the joy of our game:


Or to hear the myriad languages experience the world of Pinehurst:


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No. 2 Greens Bermuda

Really, it only takes one picture to reveal how the Pinehurst No. 2 greens conversion process is going.

And it’s going well.

Just 2 weeks ago, it was this:

Green grass is already beginning to appear on the 18th green of No. 2. The course will reopen in Spetember.

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The Drinker’s Guide to Massage Therapy

By Jennifer Malia Roche

First of all, let it be clear that drinking and spa-going do not ever, ever go together (you know who you are, don’t go there). But that being said, it’s been more than a little noticeable to us over the years that there is a mysterious correlation between a guy’s drink of choice and what type of spa-service he books.

So, which guy are you?


#1 The Craft Beer Drinker
This is the guy who, hands-down, is a deep-tissue/sports massage guy. He’s the work-hard-play-hard type who is a connoisseur (but never a snob) about his beer. He plays golf, he runs marathons, he knows how to correctly do a dead lift. For this fella, we suggest the Integrated Therapy Massage, our most technical, detailed, deep-tissue  massage – just the thing for combating those six hours of yard work you did last weekend.

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