Meeting Spaces

  • 1901 Room – Pinehurst Meeting space

    1901 Suite

    The smallest of Pinehurst’s meeting rooms, this Byzantine space with a domed, painted ceiling is full of character. The resort’s wine collection is showcased on one of its brightly painted walls.

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    2View Ballroom

    The 2View Ballroom, named for its location overlooking the famed Pinehurst No. 2, is extremely flexible, allowing you to wow up to 128 guests with its captivating, panoramic views.

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  • 2View Ballroom – Pinehurst Meeting space

    Callaway Room

    The Callaway Room is a subsection of the Grand Ballroom and can be configured to accommodate 24-240 guests comfortably.

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  • Cardinal Ballroom – Pinehurst Meeting space

    Cardinal Ballroom

    A raised stage, sunken floor and wide-open floorplan make the Cardinal Ballroom uniquely suitable for a meal that includes dancing and mingling afterward. The room can also be set up to accommodate up to 320 guests theater-style for screenings or presentations.

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  • Carolina Hall – Pinehurst Meeting space

    Carolina Hall

    14,000 sq. ft. of wide-open space makes Carolina Hall ideal for conferences and trade shows. The space is conveniently located just below the Grand Ballroom of the Carolina Hotel and offers an outdoor terrace able to accommodate up to 350 guests for breakouts or exterior presentations as well.

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  • Carolina Terrance – Pinehurst Meeting space

    Carolina Terrace

    This charming brick-lined patio area can accommodate up to 350 guests for breakouts or other gatherings and features a manicured lawn and relaxing fountains for guests’ enjoyment.

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  • Centennial Boardroom – Pinehurst Meeting space

    Centennial Boardroom

    The Carolina Hotel’s largest boardroom, this stately space is outfitted with built-in A/V equipment to make presentations easy and effective. Seating for 18 around a single wood table and comfortable seating in executive chairs makes it an excellent location for important discussions too.

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  • Indoor and outdoor meeting venue in Pinehurst No 8 Clubhouse at Pinehurst Resort

    Centennial No. 8 Dining Room

    For luxurious receptions and gourmet private dinners of up to 150 guests, the Centennial Dining Room is an excellent choice. An atmosphere of sophistication awaits within, while windows and Centennial Veranda outside offer stunning views of Pinehurst No. 8 and its rolling fairways.

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    Centennial Veranda

    Located along the fairways of Pinehurst No. 8, the first course in North Carolina to be named as an Audubon Certified Signature Sanctuary, the Centennial Veranda is a truly tranquil setting. Its outdoor expanse easily accommodates receptions or banquets of up to 250 guests, wrapping them in the beauty of its natural surroundings.

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  • chapmanbaordroom

    Chapman Boardroom

    Executive gatherings of up to 12 individuals will find the Chapman Boardroom perfect for enjoying either a buffet or plated meal service before getting down to the business of the day.

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  • No9conferenceroom

    No. 9 Clubhouse Conference Room

    Gather up to 12 people in comfort and seclusion within this convenient conference room located within the clubhouse at Pinehurst No. 9. Delicious meals can be provided either plated or buffet-style.

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    Crystal Room

    Enjoy a plated meal for up to 48 guests or a reception for up to 50 in this timeless, 1.200+ sq. ft. space within the iconic walls of The Carolina Hotel.

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  • Dedman Boardroom – Pinehurst Meeting space

    Dedman Boardroom

    It’s the name of Robert Dedman, Sr., founder of ClubCorp, that adorns this well-appointed boardroom, and it’s up to 12 fortunate guests who’ll get to enjoy it at a time.

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  • Donald Ross Room – Pinehurst Meeting space

    Donald Ross Room

    The legendary architect behind Pinehurst No. 2 and other heralded courses here deserves a worthy room to bear his name, and the Donald Ross Room delivers. Groups can admire the displays in the Heritage Hallway on their journey to this impressive setting, then settle in beneath its arched ceiling to enjoy a plated dinner for up to 150 guests or a reception for 175.

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  • Donald Ross Room Veranda – Pinehurst Meeting space

    Donald Ross Room Veranda

    Situated beside the Pinehurst practice greens and steeped in the resort’s legendary history, the Donald Ross Room Veranda is an unforgettable location for an outdoor reception. Seat 100 for an elegant meal or keep things more casual with an informal reception for up to 200, all while overlooking lush landscaping and towering longleaf pines.

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  • No9EventLawn

    Event Lawn

    This manicured, outdoor lawn seating area can host 80 guests for a buffet-style gathering or up to 150 for an impressive reception.

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  • Evergreen Music Room – Pinehurst Meeting space

    Evergreen Music Room

    Blown-glass chandeliers and a historic recessed stage set the tone in this timeless, traditional and octagonal venue. Beneath its 28-foot ceiling, up to 60 guests can be accommodated for meetings and up to 130 for receptions.

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  • Gardenia Room – Pinehurst Meeting space

    Gardenia Room

    Smaller meetings, dinners and receptions are where the Gardenia Room shines. It’s six windows offer a beautiful view of the gardens outside but can also be blacked out for presentations made using A/V systems that are available to rent. There is also a 120 sq. ft. foyer outside that’s shared with the neighboring Magnolia Room.

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  • Grand Ballroom – Pinehurst Meeting space

    Grand Ballroom

    A sprawling, carpeted expanse that can be subdivided into up to five smaller settings, the Grand Ballroom is 1,000 sq. ft. of area that can be utilized in banquet, classroom and theater configurations among others, allowing it to host up to 1,000 guests.

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    Holly Pool

    Providing a place of recreation for resort guests, the Holly Pool also serves as a serene and private space for outdoor receptions. Century-old magnolia trees shade the pool deck, where up to 70 attendees can gather for banquets and other events.

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  • No9Dining

    Jack Nicklaus Lounge

    This lounge named after the game of golf’s legendary Golden Bear can comfortably seat 30 for a plated banquet or 50 for a reception.

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  • Kendall Room – Pinehurst Meeting space

    Kendall Room

    Hanging incandescent lights join chandeliers above the expansive table found within the Kendall Room. This welcoming space is named after Henry R. Kendall, one of the hotel’s original designers, and offers up to 75 guests room to relax while enjoying views of the West Porch and Lawn.

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  • Lake Pavilion – Pinehurst Meeting space

    Lake Pavilion

    This open-air wooden structure can be arranged for banquets of up to 160 attendees or a reception of up to 200, all taking place beside the shimmering waters of Lake Pinehurst. It’s an excellent way to enjoy the North Carolina weather during the spring, summer and fall.

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  • Magnolia Room – Pinehurst Meeting space

    Magnolia Room

    This spacious interior space, which once served as the hotel’s billiard room, is suited for use as a small breakout room or for a dinner meeting site for 20.

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  • North Room – Pinehurst Meeting space

    North Room

    A classic venue for conference events or set up in a classroom style, the North Room offers 1,800+ sq. ft. of space and is able to accommodate up to 100 guests. Its location at the center of The Carolina Hotel makes it convenient for those staying there, or in nearby accommodations, as well.

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  • Oakley Room – Pinehurst Meeting space

    Oakley Room

    Legendary sharpshooter Annie Oakley, once a star of Buffalo Bill’s Wild West Show, was in charge of the Pinehurst Gun Club for years, giving lessons to guests twice a week. The room named in her honor certainly hits the mark for planners looking to host a gathering from 24-240 guests in a fabulous, flexible space that’s a subsection of the larger Grand Ballroom.

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  • Olmsted Room – Pinehurst Meeting space

    Olmsted Room

    A subsection of the Grand Ballroom, the Olmstead Room is named after Frederick Law Olmsted, famous for designing Central Park in New York City and the Village of Pinehurst right here in North Carolina.

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  • Outlook Ballroom – Pinehurst Meeting Space

    Outlook Ballroom

    A new addition to a resort built on history, the Outlook Ballroom is located within Pinehurst Country Club, which recently received an extensive renovation. Wall-to-wall and floor-to-ceiling windows let the outside in, offering incredible views of Pinehurst No. 2 for up to 260 guests.

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  • Ross Room – Pinehurst Meeting Space

    Ross Room

    The Ross Room’s extensive woodwork and sophisticated style feature the same attention to detail that made its namesake famous for his meticulous work in designing or redesigning over 400 golf courses. Up to 120 guests can be accommodated in various room configurations.

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  • Smith Room – Pinehurst Meeting Space

    Smith Room

    This interior room tucked away in the center of Pinehurst’s No. 9 Clubhouse is suited for events up to 80 people that call for a distinctive space free of distractions.

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  • South Room – Pinehurst Meeting Space

    South Room

    Natural light pouring in through high windows illuminates the classic confines of the South Room, which is slightly larger than its counterpart the North Room. Furnishings and décor are stylish, while flexible seating configurations allow the room to be tailored to your event.

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  • Stevens & Taylor Room – Pinehurst Meeting space

    Stevens and Taylor Rooms

    Located in the West Wing of the Carolina, the Stevens and Taylor rooms can each accommodate 15 guests or, when combined, can accommodate up to 42 guests.

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  • Stevens Room – Pinehurst Meeting Space

    Stevens Room

    A quaint and comfortable room found in the West Wing of The Carolina Hotel, the Stevens Room can accommodate up to 20 attendees when arranged in a theater-style setup or can be joined with the Taylor Room to total 60 guests. The room is named after Edward F. Stevens, one of the original architects of the hotel.

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  • Taylor Room – Pinehurst Meeting space

    Taylor Room

    The Carolina Hotel’s West Wing hosts the Taylor Room, named for Bertram E. Taylor, one of the original architects of the hotel. This room can accommodate up to 20 attendees when arranged in a theater-style setup or can be joined with the Stevens Room to total 60 guests.

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  • BallroomatNo9

    The Ballroom

    Recently renovated, this ballroom’s vaulted ceiling and whitewashed beams combine with floor-to-ceiling windows to create a striking space. The views of Pinehurst No. 9 through those windows is equally impressive, as up to 140 guests will soon discover.

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  • The Fair Barn – Pinehurst Meeting space

    The Fair Barn

    Soaring 2 1/2-story ceilings and dramatic wooden scissor trusses help to create a unique atmosphere that’s both rustic and upscale. It’s ideal for parties, meetings and a wide variety of other gatherings that just need a location that makes everyone say, “Wow.”

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  • The Manor Club Room – Pinehurst Meeting space

    The Manor Club Room

    Since The Manor was originally opened by Mrs. Emma C. Bliss in 1922, fortunes have been won and lost in club rooms just like this one. Today, this private style of gathering space has been reborn, complete with two private hospitality suites that can be reserved throughout a group’s stay. The Club Room is next to The Manor Library, just steps from the North & South Bar.

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  • The Manor Library – Pinehurst Meeting space

    The Manor Library

    Adorned in casually elegant furnishings, this comfortable and intimate gathering place was created in the tradition of historic club rooms that were featured by Mrs. Emma C. Bliss when she first opened The Manor. It’s ideal for private gatherings of up to 20.

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  • Tufts Room – Pinehurst Meeting space

    Tufts Room

    Today, the Tufts Room, a subsection of the Grand Ballroom, invites groups of up to 120 to gather here and plan a legacy of their own.

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  • West Lawn – Pinehurst Meeting space

    West Lawn

    Shielded by towering longleaf pines, surrounded by wildflowers and perfectly suited for outdoor gatherings of up to 600 guests, the West Lawn is as classically Carolinian as anywhere at Pinehurst. Strings of lights make it an excellent choice day or night, and exquisite cuisine can be arranged by our Executive Chef.

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