Carolina Coffee Shop

The Carolina Coffee Shop, located off the Carolina Hotel main hallway, is a great spot to grab an early morning cappuccino, iced coffee or smoothie. The Coffee Shop also serves breakfast sandwiches, delightful pastries and healthy snacks like fruit cups and energy bars. Service is available on the hotel front veranda.

Pinehurst Resort Map

Pinehurst’s accommodations, golf courses, dining options and activities are just minutes apart on foot or our complimentary resort shuttle service.

Not Shown on Map
Pinehurst Brewing Co.
The Cradle
Thistle Dhu
Course No. 9
Course No. 2
The Carolina Villas
Spa & Fitness Center
Village of Pinehurst
Lawn Sports
The West Lawn
The Clubhouse
Course No. 8
Course No. 7
Courses No. 1 - No. 5
The Condos at Pinehurst
The Manor
The Holly Inn
Course No. 6
The Carolina Hotel