No. 6 George/Tom Fazio

Explore Pinehurst No. 6

No. 6 rests a few miles from the center of Pinehurst, and is also a departure from the first five courses in design and temperament.

Tom and his uncle George, a famed designer in his own right, began work on No. 6 in 1975. The result was a more rugged, undulating track that demands bigger drives and more aggressive approaches. Tom returned in 2005 to carve new bunkers, soften angles and seed faster greens. The addition of native wiregrass throughout the course gives it a distinctive Pinehurst feel.

I remember the smells and feels of the golf course, the pines of North Carolina. It was very special. I loved the gentility of Pinehurst. The area itself, it’s such a very majestic area as far as golf’s concerned.

- Tom Watson

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Course Overview

Course Illustration for Pinehurst No. 6

No. 6

  • Tees

    Certified Tifway 419 Bermuda

  • Fairways

    Certified Tifway 419 Bermuda

  • Rough

    Certified Tifway 419 Bermuda

  • Greens

    Champion Ultradwarf

  • Total acres of turf: 90
  • Total acres of fairways: 25
  • Total acres of rough: 50
  • Total square footage of greens 125,833 sq ft
  • Total number of sand bunkers: 57

Hole-by-Hole Walkthrough

Hole Illustration for Pinehurst No. 1
  • Gold 441
  • Blue 411
  • White 381
  • Green 355
  • Red 322

The 1st Hole

on No. 6

Par 4 | HCP 1/1

A well-placed drive down the right side of this straightaway hole gives the best angle into this green. Be sure to select the right club, for the second shot plays uphill into a narrow green that slopes from back-to-front, guarded by two deep bunkers.

Hole Illustration for Pinehurst No. 2
  • Gold 537
  • Blue 529
  • White 515
  • Green 461
  • Red 422

The 2nd Hole

on No. 6

Par 5 | HCP 7/5

A driver from the tee is a good choice to go for the green in two, but avoid the fairway bunker on the left. If you aren’t able to get through the narrow opening by the green, lay up with a mid-iron to be in good birdie or par position.

Hole Illustration for Pinehurst No. 3
  • Gold 198
  • Blue 176
  • White 163
  • Green 136
  • Red 112

The 3rd Hole

on No. 6

Par 3 | HCP 17/17

Select a club here that will get you to the front third of the green. A short miss will be playable but it may be difficult to make par from behind this green. Par is a good score here.

Hole Illustration for Pinehurst No. 4
  • Gold 402
  • Blue 379
  • White 342
  • Green 310
  • Red 239

The 4th Hole

on No. 6

Par 4 | HCP 13/7

This par-4 dogleg-right will present a choice from the tee – leaving either a short-iron second shot from the left for shorter hitters or a short pitch into the green for longer hitters. The “bail-out” area is left of the green to avoid the deep right bunker.

Hole Illustration for Pinehurst No. 5
  • Gold 415
  • Blue 391
  • White 366
  • Green 339
  • Red 324

The 5th Hole

on No. 6

Par 4 | HCP 5/9

A tee shot that favors the left will give you the best angle into the green – away from the right-side waste area. The green can be deceptively quick at times and is divided by a large middle ridge that can make back-hole locations difficult.

Hole Illustration for Pinehurst No. 6
  • Gold 515
  • Blue 492
  • White 467
  • Green 452
  • Red 397

The 6th Hole

on No. 6

Par 5 | HCP 9/15

With a straight, long drive you could go for the green in two on this par 5. Stay right of the left fairway bunker and beware the pond just short of the green. The green slopes from back-to-front, so get a good read on the break for your putt.

Hole Illustration for Pinehurst No. 7
  • Gold 213
  • Blue 171
  • White 159
  • Green 151
  • Red 131

The 7th Hole

on No. 6

Par 3 | HCP 15/13

A tough par 3 with a tee shot that must carry over the water running up the right side. If you need to bail out to the left, you will be left with a tricky up-and-down. Once you get onto the green your ball will continue to feed toward the water.

Hole Illustration for Pinehurst No. 8
  • Gold 385
  • Blue 371
  • White 344
  • Green 324
  • Red 294

The 8th Hole

on No. 6

Par 4 | HCP 11/11

A short but enticing hole that will give you the opportunity to be aggressive with the driver or to play safe with the fairway wood. The key is to make sure your birdie putt will be attempted from the same zone as the flagstick.

Hole Illustration for Pinehurst No. 9
  • Gold 441
  • Blue 420
  • White 401
  • Green 381
  • Red 335

The 9th Hole

on No. 6

Par 4 | HCP 3/3

The longest par 4 you will play, your drive should favor a slight draw. Make sure to choose the right club for your approach shot and play for the center of the undulating green. The green entrance is narrow and guarded by a bunker on each side.

Hole Illustration for Pinehurst No. 10
  • Gold 500
  • Blue 500
  • White 442
  • Green 403
  • Red 377

The 10th Hole

on No. 6

Par 5 | HCP 4/2

There is a premium on accuracy for each shot here. Play for position off the tee, favoring the right side of the fairway. Your approach must be long enough to reach the uphill green and avoid bunkers and collection areas that guard it.

Hole Illustration for Pinehurst No. 11
  • Gold 417
  • Blue 398
  • White 376
  • Green 355
  • Red 278

The 11th Hole

on No. 6

Par 4 | HCP 12/6

This downhill par 4 offers a scenic view from the elevated tee. Out-of-bounds guards the right side, and a lateral water hazard to the left. Your best approach shot is to pitch it from right-to-left. The green’s false front will repel any shots that are not hit the correct distance.

Hole Illustration for Pinehurst No. 12
  • Gold 413
  • Blue 359
  • White 344
  • Green 322
  • Red 269

The 12th Hole

on No. 6

Par 4 | HCP 10/8

This dogleg-left par 4 slopes upward toward a very elevated green. If you try to cut the dogleg, beware of the out-of-bounds on the left and the fairway bunker to the right. The two-tiered green is guarded by a left-side bunker. Try to stay below the hole.

Hole Illustration for Pinehurst No. 13
  • Gold 212
  • Blue 186
  • White 172
  • Green 146
  • Red 132

The 13th Hole

on No. 6

Par 3 | HCP 16/16

This picturesque, downhill par 3 offers a short-iron shot from the tee due to the elevation change. The pond guarding the green’s left is very much in play, and the out-of-bounds spans the right side to wrap behind the green. Correct club selection is all-important if you want to have a birdie putt.

Hole Illustration for Pinehurst No. 14
  • Gold 391
  • Blue 368
  • White 340
  • Green 313
  • Red 272

The 14th Hole

on No. 6

Par 4 | HCP 6/10

Just like the 10th, longer hitters do not need a driver, but you should favor the left side of the fairway from the tee. Your second shot goes over a valley to a slightly elevated green that is pitched from back-to-front and slopes right-to-left. To card a birdie, expect a slick, sloping putt.

Hole Illustration for Pinehurst No. 15
  • Gold 499
  • Blue 490
  • White 465
  • Green 413
  • Red 399

The 15th Hole

on No. 6

Par 5 | HCP 14/14

With a drive that cuts the dogleg, longer hitters will be in a good postion to go for the green in two. Favor the left side to stay away from the slope leading towards the fairway bunker and out-of-bounds. The usually firm green will only accept a well-struck shot that clears the bunkers fronting the green.

Hole Illustration for Pinehurst No. 16
  • Gold 223
  • Blue 181
  • White 149
  • Green 135
  • Red 92

The 16th Hole

on No. 6

Par 3 | HCP 18/18

This par 3 has an absolutely beautiful view from an elevated tee. You have two options to hit it close here. One is to run the ball in low through the opening to the green and the other is to bring the ball in high, working it with a draw or a fade depending upon the hole location. The green is wide but not very deep.

Hole Illustration for Pinehurst No. 17
  • Gold 415
  • Blue 387
  • White 357
  • Green 332
  • Red 306

The 17th Hole

on No. 6

Par 4 | HCP 2/12

From the elevated tee, the long hitter can drive over the left bunker and make the hole play shorter. You can also lay up to the 150-yard marker, taking the bunkers out of play. Take enough club to have your approach shot reach the uphill green.

Hole Illustration for Pinehurst No. 18
  • Gold 436
  • Blue 425
  • White 397
  • Green 355
  • Red 291

The 18th Hole

on No. 6

Par 4 | HCP 8/4

This strong finishing hole is a slightly uphill, straightaway par 4 with an elevated tee and green. You need to be accurate with your drive. Out-of-bounds stakes line both sides of the fariway. The green is narrow, well-bunkered, and roughly 30 yards deep. An accurate approach will give you a chance to finish your round with a birdie.

The Clubhouse

A short shuttle ride away from resort hotels will bring you to one of Pinehurst’s most picturesque courses. Visit The Golf Club at No. 6 for more information about the course, lessons and more.

Getting to the Course

No. 6 is just a short shuttle ride from any resort hotel.

If you are driving to the course, you may use these driving directions. Parking is available at the No. 6 Clubhouse. Visit our Travel Information page for more details.