Welcoming Members Since 1903

The Pinehurst Golf Club was first opened 120 years ago. In 1947 it became Pinehurst Country Club. In all that time, and in the years since, members have been the backbone of this grand retreat. Today, members have more golf, more amenities and more dining options than ever before, making this the most rewarding time to be a Pinehurst member in our long history.

The Cradle of American Golf

Pinehurst stands as a testament of the power of golf to bring together not just world-class competitors, as happens on Pinehurst No. 2 during each U.S. Open Championship, but friends and families as well. Generations of individuals have forged indelible memories on these grounds, whether they occurred while watching Payne Stewart’s famous putt or simply during a day of family fun on the banks of Lake Pinehurst. We invite you to do the same today.