No. 7 Rees Jones

Explore Pinehurst No. 7

Rees Jones – son of Robert Trent and brother of Robert Trent, Jr. – built No. 7 in 1986, on the site of a forgotten nine-hole employee course laid out by Donald Ross.

The layout unfolds over dramatic, hilly terrain that’s dotted with wetlands in lower-lying areas. No. 7 has many colorful flourishes. Old bunkers from the employee course adorn the tee of the par-4 4th hole; one wetlands area, the “Devil’s Gut,” must be cleared on your approach to the short par-4 7th hole, and Jones’ trademark “Fingers” bunker demands accuracy on 16.

Every hole on No. 7 features something to test your game. Just ask Tiger Woods, who won his lone Pinehurst title to date here in the 1992 Big I Junior Classic.

If I had six days before the good Lord took me, I’d want to come here and play golf.

- Curtis Strange

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Course Overview

Course Illustration for Pinehurst No. 7

No. 7

  • Tees

    Certified Tifway 419 Bermuda

  • Fairways

    Certified Tifway 419 Bermuda

  • Rough

    Certified Tifway 419 Bermuda

  • Greens

    Penn G-2

  • Total acres of turf: 63
  • Total acres of fairways: 24
  • Total acres of rough: 30
  • Total square footage of greens: 122,000 sq ft
  • Total number of sand bunkers: 75
  • Total acres of waste areas: 3
  • Wetlands: 25 acres

Hole-by-Hole Walkthrough

Hole Illustration for Pinehurst No. 1
  • Gold 520
  • Blue 493
  • White 476
  • Green 460
  • Red 420

The 1st Hole

on No. 7

Par 5 | HCP 9/5

Double Bend – An aggressive player may risk the right side of this fairway off the tee in order to try to reach this well-guarded green in two. A drive down the left-center of the fairway allows for a safe layup shot and a short iron to the green. Either choice should yield par or better on this opening hole.

Hole Illustration for Pinehurst No. 2
  • Gold 462
  • Blue 440
  • White 404
  • Green 386
  • Red 323

The 2nd Hole

on No. 7

Par 4 | HCP 7/1

Hills – A long accurate drive is a must here. A series of bunkers guard the left while trees line the right on this very long par 4. From the fairway a wood or long iron approach is necessary to reach this well-contoured green. Par is an excellent score.

Hole Illustration for Pinehurst No. 3
  • Gold 406
  • Blue 387
  • White 367
  • Green 295
  • Red 285

The 3rd Hole

on No. 7

Par 4 | HCP 15/13

Valley O – This medium-length par 4 continues to challenge your driving ability. A drive up the left-center of the fairway will produce the best angle to attack this elevated green. Take one more club than the yardage indicated in order to allow for the uphill approach.

Hole Illustration for Pinehurst No. 4
  • Gold 418
  • Blue 405
  • White 386
  • Green 360
  • Red 322

The 4th Hole

on No. 7

Par 4 | HCP 5/11

Old #2 – A tee shot down the right center of the fairway will avoid the well-placed fairway bunkers to the left. An approach to the center of the green will allow for a good two-putt par opportunity. Note the bunker just behind the championship tee that was part of an old Donald Ross golf course, which was uncovered during the construction of No. 7.

Hole Illustration for Pinehurst No. 5
  • Gold 205
  • Blue 185
  • White 145
  • Green 111
  • Red 103

The 5th Hole

on No. 7

Par 3 | HCP 17/17

Holly – The par-3 5th hole is the first of four outstanding par 3s on this course. A large and severely sloped green makes this a difficult hole. A two-putt is not a given on this green.

Hole Illustration for Pinehurst No. 6
  • Gold 479
  • Blue 438
  • White 414
  • Green 400
  • Red 353

The 6th Hole

on No. 7

Par 4 | HCP 11/3

Vistas – Time to let the driver loose on this hole. Favor the right-center of this fairway to avoid bunkers and the lateral hazard that loom on the left side. This is a well-bunkered green with lateral hazards to the left and right. Accuracy is a must here. Par is considered a good score on this hole.

No. 7 Hole #6

Hole Illustration for Pinehurst No. 7
  • Gold 394
  • Blue 365
  • White 329
  • Green 291
  • Red 261

The 7th Hole

on No. 7

Par 4 | HCP 1/9

Devil’s Gut – This short par 4 required a layup shot off the tee. The second shot requires excellent distance control in order to carry an expanse of natural wetlands and not fly the ball into the well-placed bunkers long of the green.

Hole Illustration for Pinehurst No. 8
  • Gold 543
  • Blue 517
  • White 479
  • Green 445
  • Red 402

The 8th Hole

on No. 7

Par 5 | HCP 3/7

Wee Burn – A well struck drive working from left-to-right will allow the player to go for this par 5 in two. A creek in front of the green and bunkers long provide excellent protection for this green. This hole yields a good chance for birdie or easy par whether you reach in two or choose to lay up.

No. 7 Hole #8

Hole Illustration for Pinehurst No. 9
  • Gold 191
  • Blue 174
  • White 153
  • Green 124
  • Red 113

The 9th Hole

on No. 7

Par 3 | HCP 13/15

Waters Edge – Be sure to take an extra half-club when playing to this uphill par 3. This hole is all carry to the front edge of the green. Most balls that hit this green end up in the collection area middle left. Middle-left hole locations could yield a hole-in-one, the True Pinehurst Experience!

Hole Illustration for Pinehurst No. 10
  • Gold 399
  • Blue 382
  • White 361
  • Green 332
  • Red 294

The 10th Hole

on No. 7

Par 4 | HCP 14/6

Fairwoods – Your tee shot should favor the left-center of this fairway just past the trees on the left side. Take one more club than the yardage allows to reach this elevated green. Anything short or right will be rejected immediately by this back-to-front sloping green.

Hole Illustration for Pinehurst No. 11
  • Gold 421
  • Blue 395
  • White 380
  • Green 323
  • Red 286

The 11th Hole

on No. 7

Par 4 | HCP 12/10

Well – A tee shot down the left center of the fairway will avoid any trouble with the right fairway bunkers and open up the green for your approach shot. Take enough club to avoid the deep bunkers short right of the green, up and down from there can be difficult.

Hole Illustration for Pinehurst No. 12
  • Gold 525
  • Blue 503
  • White 464
  • Green 431
  • Red 405

The 12th Hole

on No. 7

Par 5 | HCP 8/4

Embattlement – The 12th hole is a double-dogleg par 5e. The long hitters will have to play close to the left fairway bunker to have a chance to hit this green in two. Each shot places a premium on accuracy due to the well-placed fairway and greenside bunkers. A shallow green places a premium on an accurate short iron approach. Be happy to leave this hole with a par.

Hole Illustration for Pinehurst No. 13
  • Gold 207
  • Blue 191
  • White 165
  • Green 98
  • Red 91

The 13th Hole

on No. 7

Par 3 | HCP 18/16

Berm – No bail-out here! This beauty is a long par 3 over a natural berm and waste area to an elevated green. This green is well-protected by deep bunkers short and a collection area long of the green. Be sure to take almost two clubs more than the yardage indicates. Par is a special score on this gem.

Hole Illustration for Pinehurst No. 14
  • Gold 408
  • Blue 388
  • White 364
  • Green 342
  • Red 314

The 14th Hole

on No. 7

Par 4 | HCP 4/8

Twisted Pines – A good tee shot here should be positioned on the right-center of the fairway. This leaves a mid-iron to a green that slopes back-to-front. Birdie can turn to bogey above the hole, so keep the ball below the hole on this deceptively difficult par 4.

No. 7 Hole #14

Hole Illustration for Pinehurst No. 15
  • Gold 435
  • Blue 413
  • White 387
  • Green 366
  • Red 326

The 15th Hole

on No. 7

Par 4 | HCP 2/14

Round the Bend – An accurate tee shot is a must on this beautiful dogleg-right. Well-positioned fairway bunkers on both sides will catch errant tee shots and make a successful approach to the green very difficult. This green is unprotected in front, leaving many options for the approach shot.

Hole Illustration for Pinehurst No. 16
  • Gold 197
  • Blue 177
  • White 149
  • Green 132
  • Red 117

The 16th Hole

on No. 7

Par 3 | HCP 16/18

Jones’ Fingers – This is the signature hole at No. 7. The shot requires a carry over a large hand-shaped waste area named “Jones’ Fingers” for the architect, Rees Jones. The rugged beauty of the 16th highlights this treacherous hole where birdie or bogey are possible.

No. 7 Hole #16

Hole Illustration for Pinehurst No. 17
  • Gold 406
  • Blue 392
  • White 373
  • Green 352
  • Red 308

The 17th Hole

on No. 7

Par 4 | HCP 10/2

Dogwood – The 17th hole is a short but demanding par 4. A straight drive is a must as trouble lurks just off the fairway left and right. The approach from a downhill lie to an elevated green could be one of the most dangerous at No. 7. Hit to the center of the green for your best chance at par.

No. 7 Hole #17

Hole Illustration for Pinehurst No. 18
  • Gold 600
  • Blue 574
  • White 528
  • Green 490
  • Red 460

The 18th Hole

on No. 7

Par 5 | HCP 6/12

Down ‘n Home – The final Hole at No. 7 is a downhill 600-yard par 5 which in most cases is unreachable. The drive should favor the right-center of the fairway to escape a bunker on the left. This hole yields a downhill approach with bunkers short and a pond long. With the No. 7 Clubhouse as the backdrop, the stage is set for a possible birdie finish.

No. 7 Hole #18

The Clubhouse

The Fairwoods on 7 Clubhouse is only a short shuttle ride away from resort hotels and offers sweeping views of the Rees Jones course. The Dining Room serves a full lunch and is known for its fabulous Cobb Salad, Burgers and Chef Specials. Lunch hours are 11:30am-2:30pm everyday except Mondays. View Menu.

The Halfway House, located on the lower level of the clubhouse, is open 11:00am-2:00pm.

Getting to the Course

No. 7 is just a short shuttle ride from any resort hotel.

If you are driving to the course, you may use these driving directions. Parking is available at the No. 7 Clubhouse. Visit our Travel Information page for more details.