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Baby’s First Golf Grip

Walker Matthew Hilton, it appears, was literally born to be a golfer.

At 3 months old and proudly sporting his Pinehurst onesie, Walker got a quick golf lesson recently from his grandfather, Jeff Tipton. Knowing that a good grip is the foundation to every good golf swing, Jeff tried demonstrating for his grandson the proper form – and it was a moment captured beautifully on video.

Walker is the son of Matt and Tiffany Hilton of Fort Worth, Texas. While the video cuts off rather quickly, a reliable source reports to us that Tiffany was in a rush to hug her boy, leading to the abrupt end of the clip. We at Pinehurst champion this kind of response to such a perfect golf moment. Clearly, the slow motion replay reveals a rather accomplished student.

And it’s a good thing. More lessons, it seems, are coming.

“While he is a proponent of the baseball grip at the present,” writes Jeff Tipton, “his maternal grandfather is trying to guide him toward the Vardon grip in coming weeks.”

Keep the camera ready.

Walker Blog

Walker and “Pappy” Jeff Tipton


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5 things to do at Lake Pinehurst

We know most of you come to Pinehurst for the golf, but if you want to spend a day off the course there’s plenty to do out at Lake Pinehurst.

The 200-acre private lake opens for the season Saturday. Here are a few things you can do during a day at the Lake.

Go fishing

For just $7.50 you can rent a fishing rod and spend the entire day out at the Lake. Catch everything from largemouth bass to catfish.

Enjoy a relaxing afternoon of fishing at Lake Pinehurst.

Take to the water

Explore the Lake from one of our kayaks, canoes or boats. Rent a kayak or canoe for $25 an hour. Jon boats are $30 for four hours and pontoon boats cost $55 an hour.

Enjoy kayaking or stand up paddle boarding on Lake Pinehurst.

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Family unites at Pinehurst for reunion weekend


A portion of the Siegel family goofs off after playing croquet.


The Siegel family knows how to have fun.

Instead of hosting a stuffy birthday dinner for patriarch Leroy Siegel’s 80th birthday, they decided instead to have a family reunion weekend. Now, you may be wincing at the thought of a family reunion, but we’re not talking a potluck lunch with dry conversation.

Nope, the Siegels wouldn’t dream of that. This lively bunch, most of which traveled from Pennsylvania, spent Friday at play. Part of the family set off on Pinehurst No. 4 while the non-golfers learned croquet. To make it even more fun, they added a competitive element and dubbed the outing the “Siegel Family Golf-Croquet Tournament.”

Tonight, they’ll enjoy dinner on the veranda of the Donald Ross Grill accompanied by bagpipe music. After, they’ll head over to the 18th green for a quick photo session.

The fun continues Saturday with part of the family heading out for golf on Pinehurst No. 9 and the other half relaxing at the Spa at Pinehurst.

“It’s going to be a really great weekend,” said Barb Siegel.

Pinehurst Country Club members Barb and Leroy Siegel have lived in Pinehurst about 10 years, so Barb handled most of the planning.

“Everybody loves Leroy, this is all about him,” Barb said.


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A Terrible Golf Shot

Last week, we Googled “Stupid Golf Video,” and it worked.

This week, we tried “Terrible Golf Shot.”

Clearly, that worked, too.

It worked twice, actually:

Feel better about your game, yet?

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Just another perfect Pinehurst day…

This is best viewed with the sound on…

Welcome back to Pinehurst.

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