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Warm up with a Campfire Cocktail

Campfire Cocktail inset

Our adult version of a liquid s’more is made with Stoli Vanilla vodka, Baileys Irish Cream and milk. A chocolate and graham cracker rim make it extra sweet.

Try it throughout the month of December at the Ryder Cup Lounge or make it for your next holiday party.

Campire Cocktail Recipe - December

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Ceremony remembers Pearl Harbor attack

Pearl Harbo Swede Boreen

Swede Boreen and Lt. Gen. Patrick Donahue II catch up following the ceremony.

Hundreds of people began clapping as Roy “Swede” Boreen entered Marshall Park on Wednesday morning.

As the 96-year-old was pushed through a crowd of several hundred people, many stepped up to shake his hand and one person gave him a fist bump, a gesture that drew a wide smile.

Boreen is thought to be Moore County’s oldest living survivor of the attack on Pearl Harbor. He was just 21 years old when his battleship was struck by nine torpedoes 75 years ago.

He was securing the water tight doors in his area when a torpedo slammed into the USS Oklahoma, hitting the compartment adjacent to him. The blast ruptured a fuel tank and left Boreen covered from head to toe.

Boreen managed to climb topside and down the side of the ship before it capsized. A total of 443 Americans died aboard the ship and 2,403 were killed that day.

The Village of Pinehurst hosted a ceremony in memory of the lives lost Wednesday. Boreen was also honored with a mayoral proclamation for his service to the country.

“There is a vast difference between being famous and being great,” Pinehurst Mayor Nancy Fiorillo said. “Great people are very rare. Today you’re in the presence of a great individual, my friend Swede Boreen.”

Swede Boreen Vintage

A vintage photo of Swede Boreen from the National WWII Museum.

After surviving the Pearl Harbor attack, Boreen returned to service before retiring in 1959. Following the ceremony, he was greeted with a long line of people waiting to offer their gratitude.

Lt. Gen. Patrick Donahue II, deputy commanding general of the U.S. Army Forces Command, gave the keynote address.

Donahue said the National Pearl Harbor Remembrance Day serves as a “reminder of the strength, perseverance and resilience of the American people.”

“We took a hit that day, but we didn’t stay down,” he said.

It was fitting to have the ceremony in Marshall Park, which is named for George Catlett Marshall. The Army general resided in Pinehurst from 1952 until his death in 1959.

During that time, Marshall was awarded the Nobel Peace Prize for his work to restore Europe’s economy following World War II. You may remember learning about the Marshall Plan during history class.

After serving as Chief of Staff, he was tapped for Secretary of State. He went on to become the President of the Red Cross and Secretary of Defense.

“Gen. George Marshall was probably the greatest American of the 20th century,” Donahue said.

Donahue referenced the granite monument at the center of the park, pointing out Marshall’s long list of accomplishments.

“This is a great tribute to a great American and I’m glad to be standing here beside it today.”

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New renderings of Hanse’s No. 4 Redesign are revealed

Joined by Pinehurst President Tom Pashley on The Golf Channel, Hanse describes plans for Pinehurst No. 4

We’re excited to offer a further glimpse into the Gil Hanse redesign of Pinehurst No. 4 with two hole illustrations.

The illustrations are of the 6th and 9th holes of No. 4, revealing some of the sandscape and native characteristics Hanse plans to return to No. 4. The illustrations also include renderings of how the two holes look currently.

No4_6th Hole_Rendering (1280x975)

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“When you look at No. 4, you look at the scale, and the topography on it is really stunning,” Hanse said on The Golf Channel’s Morning Drive on Wednesday. “It’s more dramatic than what Bill (Coore) and Ben (Crenshaw) and Donald Ross had to work with on No. 2. We think as you look through the great vistas that come about there – there’s a beautiful lake in the center of the property – and there’s a lot more undulation to it. If we reintroduce these characteristics – the sandy, scrubby nature – on a scale that fits this piece of property, I think the potential is really pretty exciting.”

Hanse added more details on how he feels he can incorporate Ross’ original spirit into No. 4.

No4_9th Hole_Rendering (975x1280)

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“It’s a golf course that’s been changed and altered. There’s no way to take it back to the original Ross design; a lot of those holes are gone,” Hanse said. “But looking at the Ross designs, his plans, were there elements of that that we could bring back into it that will make the course truly feel a lot more like Ross? So, some cross-hazards, some more diagonal bunkering, looking at the green complexes and getting them to sit softly into the landscape, maybe some slight elevation changes as he did on No. 2.”

Hanse on 4 (1280x534)

Gil Hanse surveys the 4th green from the bridge on Pinehurst No. 4 during a visit in July.

Pinehurst announced in early November that Hanse Golf Design would redesign Pinehurst No. 4 and develop a short course as part of a master plan to further restore the original character and spirit to the Pinehurst golf experience. Hanse’s design and routing, which seeks to create a landscape similar to Pinehurst No. 2, will include exposed sand and native wire grass, wider fairways and natural topography. The project is scheduled to begin in fall 2017 with the course reopening in fall 2018.

“It’s just going back in and reimagining the look of it to fit in with what Bill and Ben did on No. 2 – that whole Pinehurst feel to it. … As with any project, if you’ve got sand underneath, we’re excited, so we’re excited to be playing in that sand,” Hanse added.

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Make our Unforgettable Biscuits & Gravy at Home

Our biscuits and gravy are one of the most popular items on our famous overflowing breakfast buffet, so it was no surprise when our culinary team got an email requesting the recipe.

During Rick Krok’s recent visit, his fourth in 16 years, he looked forward to the southern delicacy each day before heading out to training with The Toro Company.

The New Jersey man said it’s tough to find the breakfast gem back at home.

“Biscuits and gravy always reminds me of Pinehurst and the southern hospitality in North Carolina,” he said.

Well, Rick, this post is for you. Enjoy!

Note: Click recipe images to enlarge for a better viewing experience.

Biscuits and Gravy Recipe - BiscuitsBiscuits and Gravy Recipe - Gravy

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Video: New details revealed about Pinehurst No. 4 redesign

Pinehurst Resort & Country Club President Tom Pashley joins Matt Adams on Fairways of Life to discuss Christmas at Pinehurst before diving into more details about the Pinehurst No. 4 redesign by Gil Hanse.

Did we mention it includes a rendering?

For more about all of the new projects at Pinehurst, including building a short course, go here.

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