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Pinehurst’s The Deuce honored as one of Golf’s best new restaurants

The Deuce, Pinehurst Resort & Country Club’s newest tavern, is beginning to garner honors.

Golf Inc. Magazine revealed its annual Golden Fork Awards for some of the best dining options in all of golf, and this month honored The Deuce with first place among new restaurants in golf.

“The historic resort went all out to bring the facility’s heritage to life,” wrote Golf Inc. “The Deuce is adorned with vintage photographs and other memorabilia from Pinehurst No. 2.”


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While the view overlooking the 18th green of No. 2 is perhaps the obvious selling point, Golf Inc., credits The Deuce’s tantalizing menu, specialty cocktails and craft beer selection for raising the bar for restaurants in golf.

“The historic resort went all out to bring the facility’s heritage to life.” -Golf Inc.

“It’s not your typical bar food,” says Pinehurst Resort Executive Chef Thierry Debailleul. “It’s fresh, innovative and original food, and it all comes with a spectacular view. It’s made-from-scratch cuisine in a relaxed, comfortable setting that we feel will become the best lunch spot you can imagine anywhere.”

Clearly, Chef T isn’t the only one who thinks so.

To learn more about The Deuce, including an opportunity to view the dining and cocktail menus, please go here.

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Valentine’s Gift Guide

There’s still plenty of time to find the perfect gift for your Valentine. Our retail shops are full of items for anyone who loves Pinehurst, plus we have a robust selection online.

Here we’ll provide a few gift suggestions, but you can browse our entire online inventory at

V-Day Gift Guide 17 Golf (3)For the Avid Golfer

Outfit the golfer in your life with the perfect accessories. The MacKenzie Leather Shag Bag, available in three colors, is a simple way to carry up to 50 golf balls. Pair it with Titleist Pro V1 balls, which deliver exceptional distance with consistent flight and more short game control, and Ahead’s Switchfix Divot Tool.  

V-Day Gift Guide 17 Spa (1)For the Spa Lover 

Made from plush terry cloth, this cozy robe will make your loved one feel like they’ve escaped to a day at The Spa at Pinehurst. Add an aromatherapy neck pillow, featuring a comforting herbal scent, and our signature Forest Calm Bath Salt for ultimate pampering.

… Continue Reading

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Clearly, Phil would clean up on Thistle Dhu

Obviously, Phil Mickelson and Pinehurst’s very own Thistle Dhu seem like they would be made for each other.

At Torrey Pines on Thursday, though, it looks like we now have visual proof:

Thistle Dhu is Pinehurst’s 18-hole putting course that is loads of fun, no matter the level of player, whether a beginner or elite player.

Phil would love it. (And imagine the wagers.)

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Re-routing of Pinehurst Nos. 3, 5, is under way


Some original-styled sandscape and native areas will return to Pinehurst No. 3 as part of its re-routing. Here, the new 3rd hole continues construction in late January.

Pinehurst reveals new renderings of the re-routing below

In November, Pinehurst Resort & Country Club announced that among its many upcoming design projects, Pinehurst No. 3 would undergo restoration work designed to return elements of Ross’s original design characteristics, including sandy native areas and wire grass. In addition to those design enhancements, there will be a new routing of both No. 3 and Pinehurst No. 5.

Here are a few notes about the upcoming projects and how they will affect Courses No. 3 and No. 5:

What project is necessitating these changes?

The new Gil Hanse-designed short course will be built on about 10 acres that include the first holes of Pinehurst Nos. 3 and 5. The short course is expected to be a 9-hole layout and feature slopes and contours similar to No. 2 that create multiple options and inspire creative play. Our belief is that golfers of all ages and abilities will enjoy the short course.

When will construction begin on the short course?

Construction is scheduled to begin in early May with anticipated early fall opening date.

No. 3 is closed now. What is happening with it?

Two new holes are being built to keep Pinehurst No. 3 as an 18-hole golf course that will play to a par 68. Work is also currently being done to add the sandscape and native area enhancements to many of the holes, restoring Ross’ signature spirit that was evident in the Pinehurst courses he designed.

When will No. 3 reopen?

Pinehurst No. 3 is scheduled to reopen around the first week of April.

Pinehurst #3 Holes 3 and 4 (2) (960x1280)

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How will the routing of No. 3 change?

What has been the 3rd hole of Pinehurst No. 3 will now be the course’s opening hole. Two new par-3s will be added.

The existing 5th hole of Pinehurst No. 3 is being modified to accommodate a new par-4 measuring 301 yards and a par-3 measuring 123 yards.  These holes will become the 3rd and 4th holes.

Kye Grid

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The existing 10th hole of Pinehurst No. 3 is being modified to accommodate a new par-4 measuring 310 yards followed by a new par-3 measuring 132 yards.  These holes will become the new 9th and 10th holes.  We plan to make slight modifications to restore various design elements within many of the other holes based on photographs from archives. The course’s routing from the 11th hole on will remain the same.

Kye Grid

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How will the routing of Pinehurst No. 5 change?

The new first hole of No. 5 will be played on land that has been the second hole of Course 3. The hole will also play in the opposite direction, with a new tee and a new green built. There are no further changes to the Course 5 routing after the first hole.

When will the “new” Pinehurst No. 5 open?

While No. 5 will remain open throughout the winter, the new routing of No. 5 is expected to begin play in early April.

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The Perfect NFL Quarterback Golf Swing

While Tom Brady, Aaron Rodgers, Ben Roethlisberger and Matt Ryan are stars on the gridiron – and the final quarterbacks still standing in the playoffs – they are also all active golfers. But what do we think about their golf swings?

Eric Alpenfels, the director of the Pinehurst Golf Academy, takes a detailed look at those swings and after viewing the video above, the amateur golfer can come to a quick conclusion:

Take one thing from each QB, and you may not only have the perfect NFL quarterback, you’ll also have a great golf swing.

  • Matt Ryan’s setup and arm extension at the top of the backswing
  • Tom Brady’s immaculate footwork at impact
  • Aaron Rodgers’ ability to maximize clubhead speed
  • Ben Roethlisber’s arm extension on the followthrough

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