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Updates on the new holes of Pinehurst No. 3

A few weeks ago, Pinehurst Resort and Country Club released new renderings and answered a few questions about the changes to Pinehurst Nos. 3 and 5.

That post caught the attention of The Golf Channel. While the work on Nos. 3 and 5 is not yet fully complete, the courses are on schedule to resume play with new routings in the early spring.

As spring nears, some of the changes to Pinehurst No. 3 are becoming more prevalent. Below are photos of the new 3rd hole on No. 3, the new par-3 4th hole, and the new par-3 10th hole.

The new 3rd hole on Pinehurst No. 3

A view of the new par-3 4th hole of Pinehurst No. 3 from the left:


No3_4th Hole (1280x734)

The new par-3 10th hole of Pinehurst No. 3, which overlooks the water:


A look at the 9th hole of Pinehurst No. 3:

Later in spring, Gil Hanse will begin work on the Pinehurst short course, which will be in a wonderful setting:

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St. John’s Students Relish Spring Break Croquet Trip


Mifield Xu, a junior at St. John’s College, enjoys the strategy involved in croquet.

A group of St. John’s College students headed south to spend part of their spring break in the land of the pines. Unlike most spring breakers visiting Pinehurst, they aren’t here for the golf; they came for the croquet.

The team first heard about Pinehurst from a St. John’s alumnus who is now a Pinehurst Country Club member. They decided to devote a portion of their time off to playing here at Pinehurst in order to get ready for the Annapolis Cup Croquet Match coming up in April.

The match, which is considered an annual rite of spring, pits St. John’s against the U.S. Naval Academy in a croquet match like no other. The community-wide event attracts several thousand people to the heart of Annapolis, Maryland for a festive lawn party complete with costumes, picnics, swing dancing and, of course, croquet competition, according to the St. John’s website.

“Having places like this to play legitimizes the sport for me, it proves croquet isn’t just a lawn game,
it’s actually a competitive sport.”
– Sean Miller

“Like any sport, croquet rewards a lot of practice,” Jared Bassmann said. “It’s a really fun game, there’s a lot of physics involved.”

Teammate Mifield Xu agrees that the strategy is one of the best parts of the game.

“Thinking is a big part,” he said. “I really enjoy that aspect.”

“It requires you to think far ahead if you want to play well,” Bassmann added.


Sean Miller, a freshman at St. John’s, has enjoyed playing at Pinehurst this week.

There’s been no sleeping in for the group, who were out on the croquet courts each day by about 9 a.m. and played until dark. It’s been a treat to play on such “beautiful and well maintained” courts, Bassmann said.

“The facilities are fantastic,” Sean Miller said. “They are the best we’ve ever been exposed to and the people are so kind and friendly.”

They’ve also enjoyed getting to play alongside members of the Pinehurst Croquet Club.

“Everybody has been so fantastic and had so much to offer in teaching us,” Tyler Snyder said.

“These are world-class players,” Miller said. “Having places like this to play legitimizes the sport for me, it proves croquet isn’t just a lawn game, it’s actually a competitive sport.”

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Phil Mickelson’s pre-shot checklist that’s maybe a golf tip

There’s a good chance none of us will ever practice golf the way Phil Mickelson practices. Seems simple, right? He’s Phil Mickelson, after all.

But in the latest clip from Lefty’s appearance on The Golf Channel’s Feherty, Mickelson goes into tremendous detail on the way he practices and thusly, what that means for his tournament pre-shot routine and his ultimate decision on how to play the next shot.

These guys play a different game, but some of it might actually make sense for the weekend golfer. Check it out.

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Simon Hobday, the 1994 U.S. Senior Open Champion at Pinehurst, has passed away

Simon Hobday as seen with the trophy after winning the 1994 U.S. Senior Open Championship at Pinehurst Resort & Country Club in Pinehurst, North Carolina.(Copyright USGA/Robert Walker)

We at Pinehurst are saddened to hear of the passing of Simon Hobday. His grit and determination in winning the 1994 U.S. Senior Open was a performance that stands with the best in the history of Pinehurst and Pinehurst No. 2. We extend our sincerest condolences to the Hobday family.

Hobday’s victory at Pinehurst was a wonderful moment, and he topped a leaderboard that included the likes of Jack Nicklaus, Gary Player, Tom Weiskopf, Lee Trevino and Raymond Floyd, all of whom finished among the top 13 in the championship.

Hobday, too, was one of golf’s greatest characters. The tributes on social media have been great fun to read today and allow us to remember a great champion at Pinehurst with a laugh and smile.

Here is a sampling of those tributes:


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Experiencing back pain? A massage could help

couplesmassage_12213Forget prescription drugs, treat lower back pain with a massage at The Spa at Pinehurst.

A new study published by the Annals of Internal Medicine, shows that patients with lower back pain that lasts less than 12 weeks usually get better over time, so they probably will not need medicines. If you don’t want to wait, a massage could help.

For those who are experiencing acute or subacute back pain, the answer to relief can often be found in massage, heat therapy, spinal manipulation, exercise and yoga or Tai chi, according to the guidelines.

Read the USA Today story and visit to explore our massage menu.



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