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So, where does Roy Williams really compete?

The North Carolina Tar Heels return to the NCAA Championship title game tonight against Villanova, where Roy Williams hopes to do at UNC what neither Dean Smith nor Frank McGuire could do – win three national titles at Carolina.

But where does Roy Williams really feels he gets to compete?

He answers in the video above. For more with Roy Williams and how he feels golf and basketball intertwine, go here.

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Pukka hats designed by Pinehurst employees on sale now


Heather Shaffer, Ryan Duckworth, Emily Kirby and Derek Noll show off the caps they designed during the Pukka design competition.

The Pinehurst retail team turned into designers for the day back in November, dreaming up a dozen different hat designs during a competition to see which ones would grace our shelves.

Four were selected to join our spring line. The new Pukka caps arrived recently to the delight of their designers, who were giddy to try on their creations.

“I wear it everywhere, that’s part of the fun of winning,” said Ryan Duckworth.

Pukka transformed a conference room into a design studio filled with about 60 different design elements and dozens of fabric swatches. Each team member sketched out their idea before heading up to the studio to meet with one of Pukka’s graphic designers. As they hand selected the design elements and colors of the caps, the designer brought their vision to life on large monitor.

“This hat company specializes in custom hats, so there were thousands of different combinations we could have come up with,” said Derek Noll. “It was an absolute blast.”

Now, the real competition begins.

“We’re in competition mode to see who can sellout first,” said Heather Shaffer.

Check out the hats below and view all four colors of each design at

D-Rock Design Cap, designed by Derek Noll




Noll followed Shaffer’s design eye and went with a repeating pattern on the front. (Shaffer created a cap with a repeating Putter Boy logo on the inside of the bill that won several years ago.)

“I was definitely going after a younger demographic,” he said.

Duck Design Cap, designed by Ryan Duckworth

For Duckworth sketching out a hat design was a daunting task.

“I found it difficult, I definitely needed the help from the Pukka team to design my hat,” he said. “Once the ball got rolling, I really got into it.”DuckworthCap

Duckworth was probably the most thrilled to win.

“I might have been in the golf shop by myself with both fists pumping,” he said. “I was excited to win because I knew it meant I’d actually get to wear my hat. After designing it, I was going to be heartbroken if I wasn’t able to wear it.”

He chose to add a Putter Boy logo on the right side of the cap and opted for a mesh back to give golfers a cooler option.

“The mesh back is nice on a hot summer day,” he said.

Kirby Cap, designed by Emily Kirby

KirbyCap copy



Emily Kirby went into the contest with the idea of making a basic cap that would look great on men and women.

“I like to wear caps at the beach, so I wanted to create a design that was casual and fun,” she said.

Shaffer Cap, designed by Heather Shaffer

After winning in the men’s category a few years ago, Shaffer decided to try her hand at designing a cap for women.ShafferCap copy

“I’ve been watching the ladies headwear we have in the shop for years and I felt like it all kind of looked similar,” she said. “I wanted to design something preppy that would be suitable for women of all ages.”

Head over to to purchase your favorite cap!

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For that special someone…

Masters-sign-1, apparently, has the actual Augusta National Golf Club sign that used to hang outside the club in the 1960s. Its opening bid was $5,000, but as of this writing, the bid is above $17,200. The bidding will end on the Saturday of the 2016 Masters, which is April 9.

UPDATE: The final bidding is in, and the sign went for…$25,063.20.

Those 20 cents must’ve been the clinchers.

So, speaking of Father’s Day…spend it in Pinehurst.



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Pinehurst No. 2 – Five Years Later

By Lee Pace

It was a big event in early March 2011 when Pinehurst No. 2 reopened after 12 months of a major facelift under the direction of architects Bill Coore and Ben Crenshaw, the last four months of it with the course completely shut to golfers.

It was a major milestone as well in June 2014 when the U.S. Open and U.S. Women’s Open were held on consecutive weeks and the course’s restored optics of unkempt, jagged and utterly natural were hailed by golfers and the attendant golf universe.


Slipping beneath the radar, though, was the 5-year anniversary of the course’s reopening on March 3. The restoration project was never about adjusting Donald Ross’s No. 2 course for the U.S. Open. The purpose simply was to restore the width and bounciness of the fairways and remove the “bermuda creep” of four decades and return the perimeters of the holes to the native hardpan sand, wire grass and pine needles that reflected the look Ross left upon his death in 1948.

By sheer coincidence, Coore happened to be in Pinehurst on March 3, 2016. He had been attending to his recent work at Old Town Club in Winston-Salem earlier in the week and took the opportunity to visit Pinehurst and inspect the continued evolution of No. 2 and consult with course superintendent John Jeffreys on the course’s on-going maintenance.

“Five years? Seriously? I wouldn’t have had any idea,” Coore says.

He takes a stroll around the course on a crisp winter day when members and resort guests have taken every tee time available on No. 2. The fairways are a faint green hue, the result of course officials having discovered a colorant and method five years earlier of giving the grass a hint of color in winter without having to overseed the course with rye grass—a definite deterrent to developing the firm and fast playing conditions they covet. Just two weeks later, after a series of Spring-like days, the natural green would emerge. … Continue Reading

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Bracket Busted?

Yes, we know it’s not golf. But, well, Pinehurst is in North Carolina, and just an hour or so from Tobacco Road. 

So, if your bracket is already busted, we figured you might enjoy this from SportsChannel8, which is definitely worth a follow on Twitter.

After all, they brought us Another Bogey: A Musical Tribute to Pinehurst No. 2:

And, it seems we have a lot to look forward to as well:

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