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Steph Curry’s high school golf team pic

We couldn’t let this one slide. Check out reigning NBA MVP Steph Curry’s golf team photo from Charlotte Christian:

Curry’s quite a player, shoots regularly in the 70s and has a low round of 70 on Pebble Beach. It’s not a surprise he was the No. 1 player at Charlotte Christian. And he always represents for Pinehurst and North Carolina (check out the first minute below):

Thanks for the love, Steph. Now, about that rematch with the President…

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A Life Lesson from Donald Ross


Old Tom Morris was against gambling in golf and advised Donald Ross to never bet on the golf course beyond a small wager. “Why make a horse race out of a game like golf?” Morris posited. Ross took Old Tom’s words to heart and for the rest of his life rarely played for stakes beyond a quarter Nassau. Ross said that Calcutta pools “don’t belong in such a fine, clean game.”

Once at Pinehurst, a young man who didn’t know Ross asked him for a game and a $25 Nassau.

“Let’s just play for the fun of the game,” Ross countered.

The young man insisted, so Ross relented, played the visitor and beat him soundly.

“I built the course,” Ross told his opponent. “Let this be a lesson to you: Don’t play for high stakes with a stranger.”

-Lee Pace

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Sorry, we couldn’t help ourselves…

We admit it, we got a little caught up in the Star Wars: The Force Awakens excitement as well.

And then it got a little out of hand…

Although, some of you liked it:

If you want more, let us know. Until then, May the Fairway be with you.


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Little George Murray’s fantastic trick shot

You know us, we like trick shots.

But, on occasion, we also like to find trick shots that make us smile.

And that’s what little George Murray’s shot does for us.

George is 6 now, but he was 5 when he pulled off this shot. He lives in a village near Frodsham called Kingsley, which is in England, and about 40 minutes from Royal Liverpool Golf Club. His dad and mum, Mike and Caroline, started getting George lessons with Graham Tonge at 4 years old.

What a beautiful swing George has, (Nice work, Graham!) and it’s one we’d certainly love to see on Pinehurst No. 2 one day.

We look forward to the next one, George.

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Top 10 Tips for Planning a Golf Buddy Trip

THERE ARE THOUSANDS OF TIPS FOR THE BEST GOLF BUDDY TRIP all over the web. We’ve combed them all so you don’t have to.

Here are the 10 best tips to ensure you get the most out of your next buddy trip, with a little something extra off the tee for some.

10. R&D makes for the best R&R It’s not how long you to plan, it’s how well you plan. If your dates are flexible, ask about specials. Many golf resorts have “shoulder seasons” such as March or November when the weather might still be great but high season rates haven’t yet kicked in. And sure, you might need an extra layer, but that extra layer might mean an extra day – and an extra 18 or 36 – as well.

Extra Club: Ask about shuttle service to and from the airport. Why drive if you don’t have to? Often airport shuttle rates are discounted depending on the number in your group. And some resorts like Pinehurst offer free shuttle service around the resort during your stay. Leave the keys – and the road rage – at home.

To plan your Pinehurst Buddy Trip, call (855) 441-2213 or begin with an email.

9. Let it Grow You don’t have to be too ambitious too fast. Our friend Matt Adams has a simple suggestion for the birth of your first buddy trip: Keep it small to start, then let it grow. It’s just like anything else: the more you do something, the better you will get at it. The planning, the itinerary, costs, dinners, games – everything.


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8. Play for Something…Different Yes, it could be a trophy. But make sure it’s interesting. Michael Jordan always had an answer when someone asked how much they’d play for: “Whatever makes you nervous.” We’d paraphrase that to be, “Whatever makes you putt the 3-footer.”

Extra Club: It doesn’t have to be for cash. How about this? Loser babysits the kids so the victor can take his wife out for dinner when they get home. Ready to concede that 3-footer now? Didn’t think so. … Continue Reading

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