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President Obama’s Mean Tweet…About Golf

Last night with Jimmy Kimmel, President Obama suffered another dig at his penchant for golf during a pretty great “Mean Tweets” segment.

We’re happy to see that @RWSurferGirl isn’t so upset with Obama for enjoying the game, but we disagree with her about the proposed length of his trip. In fact, we think a simple 333-mile drive south is more doable.

Anytime you’re ready, Mr. President, the tee is yours. We have nine to choose from, though you might like this one best. (Rory sure does, and look at his poll numbers. Not even his rinsing a club bothers people.)

We’ll keep Mr. McRae’s schedule open. He has the necessary experience.

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Visiting Pinehurst for the first time? Guests share their tips for a memorable trip

Donald Ross called Pinehurst No. 2 the “fairest test of championship golf.”

If you’re checking Pinehurst off your bucket list this year, you’ve probably already scoured the Internet in search of secrets to make your trip a memorable experience. 

But we know the best advice is passed down from friend to friend, so we asked our friends (OK, OK, they are technically former guests) to tell us what tips they would give a newbie. They took to Twitter and Facebook to share their best advice, which we have compiled below.

First, let us share a few tidbits from our staff.

Pose for a photo with Putter Boy: The bronze statuette is the symbol most synonymous with Pinehurst, so be sure to get a shot with him. 

Take advantage of our FREE shuttles: Park your car and leave it there until it’s time to leave. We offer complimentary shuttle service to all Resort facilities and the Village of Pinehurst during regular operating hours. Click here for more information.

Go for a bike ride: Stop by Resort Services in the Carolina Hotel to check out a bike at no charge. Be sure to ask about trail maps. Click here for details. If biking isn’t your thing, we offer a variety of other activities. 

Advice from Facebook:



FirstTimeAdvice9 … Continue Reading

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A funny thing happened…

A funny thing happened on Friday afternoon.

At around 1:30 p.m., we posted this photo on Twitter and our Facebook page, just because it’s a great quote by an incredible figure in Pinehurst history. We even featured the quote in our monthly newsletter, which we emailed out into the world 24 hours before. (You can see it here.)


And then about an hour later, this happened:

Pretty sure we’re not clairvoyant (PRETTY SURE), and we like Rory a lot. (Duh.)

But some of the following Tweets about the club toss heard ’round the world were pretty good: … Continue Reading

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Chef Shawn Aoki gets inspiration from fresh ingredients


Chef Shawn Aoki prepares meals for guests in the Carolina Dining Room.

Chef Shawn Aoki has a deep appreciation for fresh ingredients thanks to his California upbringing.

“I grew up in sort of a farm setting,” he said. “We butchered our own cattle and we always had a garden.”

Aoki’s job growing up? Tending to the chickens.

His formative years helped prepare Aoki for life in the kitchen.

“My understanding of the farm-to-table concept really sprouted from there,” he said. “When you take care of something and see it on the table at the end of the day, it really gives you a sense of appreciation”

“It gave me an understanding of good ingredients and what they should really taste like.”

Since moving from the West Coast to Pinehurst, Aoki has gotten the chance to continue his agricultural exploration thanks to Executive Chef Thierry Debailleul’s focus on providing resort guests with meals prepared with local ingredients.

 I think there’s a correct cooking process for the right ingredient and I don’t like to alter my flavors too much.


… Continue Reading

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Kevin Robinson, No. 2 crew honored by Pinehurst

Pinehurst Director of GCM Bob Farren (second from left), is flanked on Pinehurst No. 2 by No. 2 Assistant Superintendent John Jeffreys (far left), No. 2 Assistant Superintendent Alan Owen (second from right) and No. 2 Superintendent Kevin Robinson (far right). (Photo by John Gessner)

Pinehurst Director of GCM Bob Farren (second from left), is flanked on Pinehurst No. 2 by No. 2 Superintendent John Jeffreys (far left), former No. 2 Assistant Superintendent Alan Owen (second from right; now the superintendent of No. 6 and No. 8) and Golf Course Maintenance Manager Kevin Robinson (far right). (Photo by John Gessner)

Every year at Pinehurst, we have a “State of the Resort” meeting, bringing together more than 1,000 Pinehurst employee partners to share the highlights of the previous year. Included in the presentations are the annual awards Pinehurst gives to those who went above and beyond over the course of the previous year.

And what a year we had in 2014.

Among the big winners at Tuesday’s meeting should come as no surprise, but it’s worth highlighting their efforts (at least) one more time. And while everyone on the Pinehurst team did something in 2014 to make it a banner year, a few people had a little more pressure on their shoulders than others.

After all, Pinehurst accomplished something in 2014 that’s never been done before in the history in golf.

Back-to-back major championships, on the same course, in consecutive weeks.

The Pinehurst Grounds Crew poses for a photo below the Sunday scoreboard following Martin Kaymer's triumph in the 2014 U.S. Open on Pinehurst No. 2.

The Pinehurst Grounds Crew poses for a photo below the Sunday scoreboard following Martin Kaymer’s triumph in the 2014 U.S. Open on Pinehurst No. 2. (Click to enlarge)

And that is part of the reason why Kevin Robinson, Pinehurst’s golf course maintenance manager, was honored as Pinehurst Resort and Country Club’s Manager of the Year. And it’s also why the Pinehurst No. 2 Maintenance Crew, led by Bob Farren, Robinson, John Jeffreys and Alan Owen, were tabbed as Pinehurst’s Department of the Year. (Pinehurst’s Group Sales team was also honored as Co-Department of the Year.)

And really, if you don’t take our word for the incredible work they did this year, well, just watch:

Not only was Pinehurst hailed following two brilliant weeks of major championship golf, two weeks after Michelle Wie’s clinching putt to capture the U.S. Women’s Open, the No. 2 crew managed and oversaw the change of Donald Ross’s fabled greens from bent grass to bermudagrass. Not only was the project successful and finished a bit ahead of schedule, it will enable No. 2 to play to elite conditions for 12 months of the year.

Congrats to Robinson, to his No. 2 team, and to Bob Farren. They really are the Most Interesting Men in Turf.

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