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“A wise man ought to realize that health is his most valuable possession.”

- Hippocrates

Seasonal Massage

Wonders of Winter is inspired by the cozy feelings and comfy scents of winter. In this service, Farm House Fresh’s one-and-only Hello! Yellow Shea Butter is blended with cinnamon spiced massage oil, think ginger bread, and used luxuriously in a relaxing 50-minute Swedish massage. Top it off with just a touch of ultra-hydrating Honey Heel Glaze to pamper the feet and let yourself unwind into the warmth of the season. Available through January 2015.

Featuring Farmhouse Fresh Products:
  • Hello! Yellow Shea Butter
    This shea butter whip is sprinkled with natural vanilla and citrus oils. Hello! Yellow is the happiest of creams. Ultra-rich shea butter and vitamin E packed jojoba and soybean oils, make this a cream that can calm even the driest of skin.
  • Red Hot Soak
    A hydrating infusion of cinnamon, grape seed, olive, and orange peel oils, is topped off with a healthy dollop of jojoba and vitamin E.
  • Honey Heel Glaze
    The honey-based, super-hydrating oil brings peace and calm back to overworked and underappreciated feet. Indulge in velvety cinnamon and sweet clove all mashed-up in a base of farm-fresh honey.

Heart of the Pines

In this unique service, a dry brush exfoliation is followed by light, all-over tapping using fresh long-leaf pine harvested right here in The Village. The bundled needles create a gentle enhancement to the massage, increasing circulation and aiding in detoxification. This uplifting and one-of-a-kind experience will leave you refreshed and totally rejuvenated.

Champions Massage

This might be your new secret weapon! While we can’t promise a miracle, we can say this very service was enjoyed by a certain U.S. Open Champion prior to his historic Pinehurst win. Experience the deep-heat benefits of hot-stone therapy with a focus on the shoulders, neck and upper back. Extra attention is paid to the feet via a peppermint foot scrub and our very own, golf-ball foot massage. Learn a few at-home-tips from our spa-pros and take a sleeve with you, with our compliments.

Integrated Therapy

Take therapeutic massage to the next level. Integrated Therapy addresses the needs of athletes, travelers or anyone else requiring specific, deeply targeted muscle therapy. Let our therapists customize the perfect blend of deep tissue, trigger point therapy and myofacial release, just for you.

Athlete's Retreat

A service that facilitates the rapid recovery needed after a long day (or days) on the course. This massage incorporates light to moderate pressure with strategic, passive stretching as well as a synergist mix of detoxifying essential oils designed to get you feeling great and back on the links in no time.

The Pinehurst Massage

Unique to Pinehurst! This massage incorporates our signature pine needle brushing experience, with a customized combination of Swedish and deep-tissue techniques.

Hot Stone Massage

Let the power of the earth move you in this classic service. A combination of carefully selected essential oils complements the deep-heat benefits and moderate pressure used in this powerfully restorative service.

Maternity Massage

A special treatment for a special time. This service addresses the needs of the expectant mother with tender loving care. (Please note: Guests must be past the first trimester to receive this service.)

Downtime Massage

Step back and take some time for total relaxation. This service blends gentle massage with the therapeutic benefits of 100% organic lavender oil to create an oasis of peace in an otherwise busy world. Does not include deep tissue.


Drawing on centuries of Eastern tradition, this service focuses exclusively on specialty pressure points in the feet to create a deep sense of relaxation and peace.

Pinehurst Massage For Two

Enjoy your massage side-by-side with a friend or a special someone.

Couples Oligomer Soak

Available only in combination with the Massage For Two.


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