Thistle Dhu

Thistle Dhu
18-Hole Putting Course

When you visit Pinehurst, make sure and check out our 18-hole putting course, Thistle Dhu, located in front of the main clubhouse by the Putter Boy statue. Thistle Dhu is free for guests to play and is open to any level of golfer. Putters can be rented for free from the nearby Cradle short course.

“Thistle Dhu?,” you ask? We’ll there’s a story there.

James Barber, owner of the Barber Steamship Lines of New York, built an 18-hole “Lilliputian” golf course in 1916, on the grounds of his home in Pinehurst, NC. It would be the first miniature golf course in America. The story goes that upon first seeing the home and course, he pronounced, “This’ll Do.” It was translated into Thistle Dhu and the name stuck.

Nearly a century later, the name returns once more, and it does so at its rightful home of Pinehurst.