The Village of Pinehurst

The Village of Pinehurst

While most think of Pinehurst as an iconic golf destination, The Village of Pinehurst actually preceded the first golf course in Pinehurst. Founder James Walker Tufts originally envisioned The Village as a beautiful, healthful, New England-style village, where those suffering from respiratory and other ailments, could come to recuperate in the land of abundant sunshine and what was thought to be the medicinal qualities of the pine-scented air. Pinehurst began when Tufts purchased 600 acres for roughly $1 an acre.

Tufts wanted to create a village where people of all means could afford to visit. He knew their needs would be varied, so he decided to build an assortment of private cottages, rooming houses and hotels. By December of 1895, Tufts had built the Holly Inn and more than 25 cottages.

By 1901, The Carolina Hotel and many other cottages had been built, along with department stores, a fire department and livery stable. Eventually market gardens, a laundry, poultry and dairy farms were completed. Most of the main buildings of The Village are still in existence and can be toured today.

-Credit: Pinehurst: Golf, History, and The Good Life by Audrey Moriarity

Carriage Rides

Explore the historic homes and charming streets of the Village of Pinehurst in the comfort of a horse-drawn carriage. Frederick Law Olmsted, who designed Central Park, created the Village to mirror a New England-style village with winding paths that encourage exploration. The carriage seats four comfortably.

Carriage rides are available by appointment by calling Carriage Tours of Pinehurst Village, Inc. at 910-690-4580. Brochures are available at the Resort Services desk.

The Tufts Archives

Located within The Given Library, across from The Holly Inn, is the Tufts Archives, which displays the rich heritage and history of Pinehurst.  On exhibit are Tufts Archives from VOP01original maps of Donald Ross’s courses, photos of The Village since 1895 and various artifacts from the founders of the Village. Visitors will also find James W. Tufts’ original marble and silver 19th century Soda Fountain machine and more than 125,000 historic images.

The Tufts Archives is free and open to the public. Hours are 9:30 a.m. to 5 p.m. Monday through Friday and 9:30 a.m. to 12:30 p.m. Saturday. For information, call (910) 295-3642.

The Village Arboretum

The Village Arboretum is a 33-acre facility located near Village Hall, a short walk from The Carolina Hotel. It contains a large open lawn area, a Pergola Garden and 3 miles of natural walking trails.

The Pinehurst Greenway Trail system features more than 4 miles of walking and bicycle trails and winds throughout The Village. Ask for an Arboretum or Greenway Trail map at Resort Services.


Just a short stroll from the Carolina Hotel, Holly or Manor, you’ll find the shops and restaurants of The Village of Pinehurst. Located in the same historic buildings thatVillage-Shopping-insetNEW framed the center of the Village a century ago are a number of unique boutiques, gift shops and dining venues to explore along with the historic village homes and cottages that line the adjacent streets. Most shops are open Monday through Saturday and dining venues have more extended hours. Visit Resort Services for a map and explore!