carolina dining room

Dining Room

Step back in time in our most expansive dining room, offering breakfast and dinner daily. Executive Chef Thierry Debailleul’s amazing menu features hand-selected aged beef and signature dry seasoning rub for our steaks and chops. Menus change seasonally, invoking the fresh flavors of the area and our local farmers’ picks.

Chef Thierry Debailleul

As Executive Chef, Thierry Debailleul brings over 20 years of experience to Pinehurst’s culinary team. A native of France, Chef Thierry is a graduate of the “Ecole Jean Ferrandi” in Paris, where he began his journey into the art of classical and modern French cooking. His work has spanned the globe in several Michelin-ranked and Mobil-rated restaurants and hotels, including the Island of Saint Martin in the Caribbean as well as New Orleans where he worked events for groups of up to 3,500 guests.

Pinehurst Resort Map

Pinehurst’s accommodations, golf courses, dining options and activities are just minutes apart on foot or our complimentary resort shuttle service.

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