July 18, 2024 - 7:00pm

Stogies and Staves: A Whiskey and Cigar Pairing Series

We are going to focus the July Stogies and Staves around Elijah Craig.

In 1789, Elijah Craig became the first distiller to age his whiskey in new charred oak barrels.

Some claim that an accidental fire charred his barrels and changed the whiskey inside.

However it happened, Elijah Craig knew he had discovered something great.

250 years later, he is still known as the Father of Bourbon.

The Flight will consist of Elijah Craig Small Batch, Rye and Sylvia’s Tears – the North South Private Barrel. 

For Our Cigar Pairing, we are offering our North South Special Reserve – this is a blend that Carolee has chosen for us and has been aged for 2 months in our Elijah Craig Single Barrel for additional flavor.  The perfect smoke to go with this flight!


North & South Bar, 5 Community Road, Pinehurst