Championship golf in Pinehurst dates back to 1901 with the first annual United North & South Amateur Championship. It began as a means to afford golfers a competitive arena and to generate publicity for a five-year old resort named Pinehurst. Its name was crested to foster good relations between geographic regions that only a generation earlier had battled in the Civil War.

The mission over the years has been simple, according to Richard Tufts of Pinehurst’s founding family: “To provide an annual gathering of those who love the game, rather than a spectacle.”

Now named the Men’s North & South Amateur Championship, it continues to be contested on Pinehurst’s hallowed grounds each summer. The tournament is the longest consecutive-running amateur golf championship in the United States today.

Each year, Pinehurst is looking for a team of volunteers to provide a memorable experience.



For more information on how to get involved, contact the Pinehurst Tournament Office at (910) 235-8140 or [email protected].

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