“In it To Win it” Challenges

Pumpkin Carving
For the festive bunch, looking to add a little competition into a traditional fun-filled activity. You or your team must race against the clock to come up with the most unique and well-crafted design in order to be considered the ultimate Jack-O-Lantern decorator! It’s the perfect pastime to have in Pinehurst during the beautiful autumn season.

Gingerbread House Decorating
In honor of Pinehurst’s legendary Gingerbread Village, the inspiration is there for you and your team to design your own festive candied home! Revel in the most wonderful time of the year as your group creates a one-of-a-kind holiday masterpiece and keepsake for the season.


15 – $675

Time for Activity

1-2 hours

Pumpkin Carving: September-November
Gingerbread House: November-December


Josh Leap, Recreation Manager