Linda Dalton Pottery & Black Rock Vineyards and Winery

This outing showcases two of the best experiences in the region. Plus, each will provide you with a keepsake of your time here in the Sandhills.

Linda Dalton Pottery
Inspired by their love of arts and crafts, Linda and Jim Dalton started Linda Dalton Pottery in 2004. They each share a passion for working with their hands and for making pottery that is not only well-crafted and a pleasure to use, but also beautiful. Their unique style of infusing horse hair into their work is a sight to see. Guests will create their own masterpiece of a small pot or plate, infuse it with horse hair and even add some grounds of coffee as a finishing touch.

BlackRockWinery_insetBlack Rock Vineyard
Black Rock Vineyard and Winery is the first vinifera (meaning Old World) vineyard in Moore County, growing nine red varieties and five white varieties, testing which best suite the area’s growing conditions. During your visit, you can choose to taste a selection of dry wines or a selection of sweet wines and take home a commemorative glass. They recently won awards for their Chambourcin, Viognier and Sangiovese.


Up to 10 people – $1,825
Up to 15 people – $2,465

Time for Activity

2-3 hours


Josh Leap, Recreation Manager