LARRY GOINS AND FROLIN HATCHER are many times the first faces and voices greeting guests at Pinehurst. They are, truly, among the greatest ambassadors Pinehurst has ever had in the 125-year history of the Resort.

Combined, they have over a century’s worth of experience making our guests feel at ease. And we are grateful for them every single day.

You see it in their smiles, their warm greetings and their laughs. And today, we are proud to share their story in our first episode of A Day in Pinehurst, a video series we’re producing to share with you some of the best stories at Pinehurst. We look forward to sharing the next episodes with you over the coming weeks and months.

For most of us who come to Pinehurst, we only get a moment with Larry and Frolin. But a single moment is all it takes for them to make us all feel welcome, at ease, and at home.

That is their legacy. Thank you for giving us an opportunity to share it.