When first approached about his episode for A Day in Pinehurst, John Jeffreys had one request.

“Just don’t make it all about me,” he said.

The crew that maintains Pinehurst No. 2 daily is more than an assortment of people. They are a team in the truest sense. And while Jeffreys may be something of the team’s coach as the superintendent, he is quick to reiterate that without his group, the conditions that players expect of one of the greatest golf courses in the world would not be possible. Especially not daily.

But we are proud to share John’s story and his philosophy for what goes into the job of caring for No. 2. And we believe it is a perspective very few of us could ever know otherwise.

So we appreciate John giving us all a look behind the scenes. Yes, he gets a lot of screen time here, but it’s in the beautiful images of No. 2 you see throughout this piece that truly reflect the story we have to tell:

Pinehurst No. 2 is in good hands. A lot of good hands.

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