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Four Reasons You Should Get a Massage this Summer

While many consider massage a luxurious moment of relaxation kept mostly for special occasions, there are many health benefits to receiving a relatively regular massage, especially in the summer. Here are four reasons to get a massage this summer, and with a little help from us, a few of the massages offered by The Spa at Pinehurst that might help you achieve both better health in mind and body.

1. Massage Is “You Time”

Every day is busy, right? But now the kids are out of school, and somehow, the life that you swear one day will start to slow down sometimes feels like it’s ramping up even more. Sure, there may be a family vacation mixed in there somewhere on that stacked calendar, but who really ends up doing all the planning for that, right? So, get away and get some “Me Time.” Find a block somewhere, shut off and let the family know you’ll see them in a bit. You deserve it.

The Spa’s Best Bet: The Customized Massage – Look, it’s for you. So you decide what you want.  Design a 50- or 80-minute massage experience to suit your needs. Select style of massage plus enhancements. You’ll receive two enhancements with a 50-minute massage and 3 enhancements with an 80-minute massage.

Massage: Swedish, Hot Stone or Deep Tissue

Enhancements: Back Scrub, Foot Scrub or Dry Brushing, Hot Oil Scalp Treatment, Aromatherapy, Back Mask or Honey Heel Glaze

2. Massage Compensates for Increased Exercise

Most people also exercise more in summer, when nice weather makes being outdoors easy. Whether your exercise of choice is gardening or running, swimming or playing organized sports, you’re likely more active this time of year. That’s great, but can lead to strains and pulls if you’re not careful. Massage can help ease pain from problems as well as make them less likely to occur.

The Spa’s Best Bet: The Deep Tissue Massage – Increased circulation, enhanced muscle function and elasticity are just a few of the rejuvenating effects of our Deep Tissue Massage. Designed especially for guests who regularly receive massages and prefer a firmer touch, this service helps restore proper body alignment and range of motion using slow and deliberate methods. (50 or 80 minutes)

3. Blame the Weather – Massage Counteracts Swelling in Joints and Limbs

Summer heat and humidity tends to lead to swelling and discomfort, due to static accumulation of fluids. Massage can help increase blood flow, reduce swelling and make movement more comfortable, even during the height of heat.

The Spa’s Best Bet: Hot Stone Massage – Let the power of the earth move you with this classic hot stones service. This massage combines deep heat and Swedish techniques to melt away stress and relieve stiffness. (50 or 80 minutes)

4. Massages Clears Thinking

Busy? Stressed? Overwhelmed? Massages clear thinking and make it easier for you to stay on top of everything you need to do without feeling stressed out. Even going once every month or two can have major benefits.

The Spa’s Best Bet: Our Seasonal Massage – A combination of Ginger Sorbet body milk and Clementine oranges will lift your spirits! This beautiful vitamin-rich massage brings an instantly silky, soothing feel to skin. Antioxidant rich Olive Fruit and Grape seed oils combine with Orange Peel, Jojoba, Sunflower Seed and Apricot Kernel oils to nourish and calm the most sensitive of skin types. We garnish this seasonal massage with a fresh mint scrub onto the feet that will make you want to order another round!(50 minutes)

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Four ways to take a guilt-free personal day

four ways to take a guilt-free personal day


Planners, alarms, and notifications – the list that reminds us of our hourly, daily and weekly tasks is never-ending. There is always something or someone that needs your attention. But what about you – are you getting attention? When is the last time you took a personal day to hit the reset button?

Here are four ways to take a guilt-free personal day for YOURSELF!

  1. Pick a day and stick with it – Look at your calendar right now and just pick a date. If you find there are no days open due to meetings or appointments, look into rescheduling those. Highlight that day as YOUR day and stick with it.
  2. Check something off your to-do list first – As the personal day draws near, make sure you have checked something off your list. Whatever that task might be, spend time earlier in the week or the week before to knock it out so you can enjoy your upcoming day off.
  3. Leave your laptop at the office and set an away message – The universe will not fall apart during your day off. But making use of the out-of-office email setting will set the record straight to mitigate any questions from clients and coworkers. Plus, it will help you to not feel the need to check your email on your phone.
  4. Use your time off wisely – Go ahead and daydream about your day off. Come up with a relaxed agenda and enjoy it. Get a massage or a pedicure. Go for a long walk and listen to a podcast. Take yourself to lunch with a good book. Most of all, ENJOY it – You’ve earned it.

Interested in spending your personal day at The Spa at Pinehurst? Fill your senses, renew your spirit and feel the weight drop off your shoulders the moment you enter the doors.

Now go on, give yourself a free pass and use every ounce of those eight hours, guilt-free!

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5 Ways to De-Stress Your Life


We all face stress – some of us more than others. And while we may never get rid of every anxious moment, there are ways we can work on relieving stress. Here are five ways to do just that, and a few options where The Spa at Pinehurst can lend a helping hand.


The mind, heart and body can improve with regular meditation. Taking a break from your office or daily routine to just sit or even lie down and focus on your breathing can improve your heart rate and focus. These benefits go even further when you include a quiet massage as a form of meditation. Tension and muscle tightness will depart from your body and mind and leave you feeling rejuvenated. While The Spa offers many forms of massage therapy, we recommend you try the customized massage where you can enhance your experience to suit your needs.

How The Spa Can Help 


Find ways to laugh and laugh often – obviously at the right time, of course! Laughter is directly linked to reducing stress hormones and blood pressure, as well as increasing blood flow and oxygenation to the cells and organs. Gather up the girls for a fun pedi and mani at The Spa and generate some fun-filled memories as you enjoy fruit smoothies and great company.

How The Spa Can Help


This is an obvious benefit to reducing stress. Legally Blonde Movie Reference coming…

While the spa does have a fitness center available to guests and members, we also offer Yoga and Customized Stretching. The physical benefits of yoga and stretching are endless but a few of the notable ones are increasing your flexibility, improving respiration, energy, and vitality as well as cardio and circulatory health.

A Hot Bath

I am sure your bathtub at home has been used more by your kids or grandkids than yourself. It’s funny how that dream bathroom can also be a storage bin for toys. Let us help you enjoy a bath sans toys and find yourself soaking in a tub filled with pine, rosemary, arnica, and eucalyptus oils. Soaking in a hot bath relaxes your muscles, which will soothe you not only physically but mentally as well. Read about our body care therapy at The Spa.

How The Spa Can Help


No, we’re not talking “Going off the grid.” We’re talking about putting your electronics away for the time you are at The Spa. Emails, social media and life will keep rolling on just fine without you for a few hours. Promise! Check in at The Spa 30 minutes early to relax in a fluffy white robe, enjoy a fruit smoothie and some quality time to yourself as you unplug from the world. Trust us – you will be glad you did!

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A Day at The Spa at Pinehurst


For someone who may never have experienced a day at The Spa at Pinehurst, it could be difficult to know fully just what you might be in for, or how it may go. And even if you have been a past guest, it’s always good to be reminded of the benefits from a day away from the hustle of the everyday.

Here’s a look at a few of the moments you could experience at The Spa, as told to us by a former guest.

Your Relaxation Will Begin Right Away

After checking in, I got a quick tour of the 31,000 square-foot facility. I was assigned a locker, but it wasn’t one of those metal units I used during high school. Opening the wooden locker was like lifting the top of a treasure chest as I found a fluffy white robe hanging inside.

I grabbed the robe and went to one of the private dressing rooms to change. When I emerged, I could already feel myself slipping into a foreign state of relaxation.

You are our Guest, and of course, you will be treated that way

My Pinehurst Massage started right on time. I was happy to see Stacy’s smiling face when she came to take me back to the treatment room. I’ve had a handful of massages at various places and I will tell you most therapists I’ve had in the past haven’t been anywhere nearly as friendly as Stacy. She exuded the Pinehurst spirit.

This is your experience, so it is all about you

Stacy started by asking if I had any trouble areas, and I quickly filled her in on my aching back and shoulders. No problem, she would start there.

Stacy worked on the knots in my backing, checking in periodically to make sure the pressure wasn’t too much. I was barely lucid by this point, drifting in between a state of euphoria and sleep. That’s right, I was so relaxed I actually fell asleep a couple times.

After taking care of my back and legs, it was time to flip over. Now usually this is the awkward part of the massage because you’re not facing the therapist. I always wondered if I should close my eyes or simply look up. What’s the proper etiquette?

I didn’t have to worry about that Friday. Stacy draped an eye pillow across my face and tucked a warm pillow beneath my head. Ahhhh, it was blissful.

Your day doesn’t end with the massage

I had a hard time even standing up after my massage ended. It wasn’t because I was in pain, quite the opposite. My body was so relaxed I could barely remember what it was like to walk.

I slid back into my robe and headed for the women’s relaxation area. I have to admit, I was thrilled women and men get their own space.

I flopped down on a lounge chair for a while and closed my eyes. With eyes closed, I breathed in and out, allowing the stress of the week to disappear. Later, I went into the whirlpool, later still, the sauna. While I soaked in the whirlpool, a young woman came around with a tray of strawberry smoothies. I didn’t see a single person turn one down.

Finally, walking out

I rarely have such “me days,” but that day convinced me I should take time for myself more often. Since my time at The Spa, I’ve felt a renewed sense of energy. I’m already looking forward to my next visit.


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A Couple’s Massage is the perfect Valentine’s Day gift and getaway

There to relax, unwind and get away from the constant pressures of life, a typical Spa at Pinehurst guest will often have a look of relief on his or her face while checking in.

Few, though, are great poker players, and they can’t hide everything. And Pinehurst lead massage therapist Dustin Donahue can always spot the tell.

“Sometimes, you see a little bit of guilt on their faces,” Donahue says. “They’re looking forward to their massage or their treatment, but there’s a part of them that feels a little bad that they’re getting to enjoy this and their spouse or boyfriend or girlfriend isn’t.”


And so while sending your significant other to The Spa at Pinehurst for a little getaway certainly can go a long way in earning those all-to-important brownie points in the household, there’s another option that may be even more well-received – the Couple’s Massage.

“To be able to say, ‘For three hours, nothing is going to happen that we need to know about. We’re going to be here for each other. Everything is put away in a locker, and it’s just you and I reconnecting and pushing that reset button and getting to know each other again.’” -Dustin Donahue

Set in the tranquility of The Spa at Pinehurst, a Couple’s Massage features a larger private room with two tables and two massage therapists. Comfort and relaxation are the primary goals, Donahue says, and therapists are typically well-tuned to how the couple wants to enjoy their Spa experience.

“We’re pretty good at figuring out pretty quickly how a couple would like their treatment to go,” Donahue says. “If they want to talk, engage with us, laugh a little, or if they’d like it to be a quiet day, we’ll make sure they have the kind of experience they really want.”

The treatments themselves are 50-minute massages, but guests can center those treatments around a full day’s experience. Couples will often arrive early to enjoy time together lounging in The Spa’s large indoor pool area, enjoying a smoothie and ordering lunch to be served to them following the massage.

It’s that singular time together that’s significant.

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“You can really see, when a couple is here together, they’re able to both be present and not worrying about what’s going on outside,” Donahue says. “They’re both taking a break from the kids, or taking a break from life, and really able to get away and turn off the cell phone for two or three hours.

“To be able to say, ‘For three hours, nothing is going to happen that we need to know about. We’re going to be here for each other. Everything is put away in a locker, and it’s just you and I reconnecting and pushing that reset button and getting to know each other again.’”

Sounds like the perfect Valentine’s Day gift.

“I can’t think of a better one,” Donahue says. “Whether you’re newlyweds, still dating or have been together for 50 years, it’s good for you.”

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