GIL HANSE MAY NEVER PLAY another golf course.

For the second time in 52 days, golf course architect Gil Hanse made a hole-in-one on The Cradle, the 789-yard short course he designed at Pinehurst.

On Friday afternoon, Hanse aced the 55-yard “Punch Bowl,” the 3rd hole of The Cradle. In the video above, you can hear Hanse say, “Oh man, I LOVE this golf course.”

On Sept. 25, Hanse made his first hole-in-one – he counts it – on the 2nd hole of The Cradle:

The Punch Bowl is just that, a bowl-shaped green – opposite of Donald Ross’s on Pinehurst No. 2 – where the ball can feed back toward the hole if played long. Before The Cradle even had a name, Hanse looked forward to the “Punch Bowl,” describing the hole:

On Friday, he gave everyone a little hint on how to play the hole – aim for the irrigation controls – perhaps knowing what those are AND being able to see them are helpful – and play it long. You’ll have a chance depending on the hole location.

Of course. The irrigation controls. Leave it to the architect…