We won’t make you check the calendar to see exactly how many (how few?) days it actually is until the holiday season is in full swing. But we are here to help with a golf holiday gift guide.

If you are looking for that one special gift for someone – and especially for that particular someone who always seems the most difficult to shop for – we have you covered. Or, if you ARE that person so difficult to shop for, here’s your wish list.

Consider this our first installment of the Pinehurst Holiday Gift Guide.


Men’s Pullover | Peter Millar Cradle Crew Neck Pullover – Sure, the guy with everything has a go-to pullover. 

But not one like this. This versatile men’s outerwear is good for, well, just about anything. Perfect weekend attire, a comfortable travel piece, and good for pulling out on those fall evenings after a round of golf and around the fire pit.

Shop Now for Pinehurst Men’s Apparel: Peter Millar – Cradle Crewneck Pullover – Pinehurst Resort & Country Club Online Store

Pinehurst No. 2 Framed Print – Golf gifts unique to Pinehurst Golf Resort

One thing we’re especially grateful for when a U.S. Open rolls around to Pinehurst is that so many people can tune in to watch and remember their time here, and especially, their time playing Pinehurst No 2. So, what better way to reminisce every day than this special print of No. 2’s architecture styled by Ballpark Blueprints? How good would this look in your office?

Shop Now for Golf Gifts: Ballpark Blueprints – No. 2 Framed Print – Pinehurst Resort & Country Club Online Store

Pinehurst Putter Boy Coffee Mug – As we like to say on the phone, online, on social media, anywhere we can – “It’s a beautiful day in Pinehurst.” 

As you start the day with your morning cup of coffee, use a little something that reminds you of those peaceful moments sitting on the veranda or strolling through the Carolina Hotel, the quaint Pinehurst Village, or any number of our fairways.

Shop Now for a Pinehurst Coffee Mug: Putter Boy Santa Fe Mug – Pinehurst Resort & Country Club Online Store

Peter Millar Hole-In-One Golf Polos for Men

Look, if your friend or family member really does have everything – including an ace at Pinehurst – then be the hero who truly found a golf gift unlike anything he could ever imagine. Just think of how much he’ll enjoy the conversation that comes out of someone remarking on his golf shirt from Pinehurst Golf Resort…

Shop Now for Golf Polos: Peter Millar – Men’s Hole in One Polo – Pinehurst Resort & Country Club Online Store

Playing well is great, but as we all know, a good day on the course comes and goes. So make sure to always show off your style with Women’s Golf Shoes from Pinehurst Shop.

And what better way to do that than with a custom Pinehurst golf shoe from G/FORE. Who else in her foursome is going to be sporting something as cool as this? That’s what we thought. Whether you’re treating yourself or looking for the best golf gift, women’s golf shoes from Pinehurst are the perfect fit.

Shop Now for G/FORE Golf Shoes: G/FORE – Ladies’ Pinehurst Custom Kiltie Disruptor Shoe – Pinehurst Resort & Country Club Online Store

Know what really makes friends and family happy? Guilt-free shopping with a Pinehurst Gift Card.

We hope you like some of our suggestions above, but we get it, shopping is hard. Take care of your loved ones with a Pinehurst Gift Card and let them roam freely on Shop.Pinehurst.com.

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