U.S. Open flags are flying. Road signs are popping up. Grandstands are getting final touches. Players are coming in and out of Pinehurst (and eating breakfast at the Villager Deli). The U.S. Open is almost here.

During Monday’s day of final qualifying for the U.S. Open, the Golf Channel gave its Live From… on-site television set location a pre-championship whirl with broadcast coverage of Golf’s Longest Day. Also appearing were Pinehurst Resort President Tom Pashley and No. 2 Superintendent John Jeffreys, whose clip is above.

They chatted about what it means for Pinehurst to be a U.S. Open Anchor Site, the building excitement as the championship draws near, a course conditions update – including how little has really changed since 2014, but how much has matured – and we even get a bit of a weather update from John. Enjoy.