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Pinehurst’s most famous U.S. Open moment…in Legos

Remember when @goldyeller – AKA Jared Jacobs – put together the insanely good Tiger Woods video in Legos?

Now, during U.S. Open week, Jacobs has created Payne Stewart’s memorable putt to win the 1999 U.S. Open.

Incredible work.

A few notes of what we at Pinehurst liked best about the Lego video:

:00 seconds Dick Enberg’s call. Just brilliant. That call is so pitch-perfect.

:03 LOOK AT THE FIST PUMP! Jacobs absolutely nails Payne’s famous fist-pump.

:06 The next couple of details are incredibly good. Watch how Lego Mike Hicks – Payne’s Caddie – comes off the ground a little bit when they come together. Hicks had jumped into Payne’s arms, as does Lego Hicks. So good. Even better, though, is how Lego Hicks’ cap moves up slightly after their high-five (also spot-on). That happens for real in 1999 as well.

:09 While Lego Hicks and Lego Payne come together, look at the legs of the figures. You’ll notice Lego Payne is wearing knickers and long white socks.

:13 Check out the expression on Lego Phil Mickelson’s face at first. It’s an even expression, and then Lego Lefty breaks into the sheepish smile. Same as ’99.

Also, note Lego Lefty’s visor. So perfect.

:15 The embrace. Lego Payne and Lego Phil embrace, and you can see them talking. Some don’t know that Phil first said, “I’m so happy for you,” to Payne, and here, you can see Lego Lefty talking. Then Lego Payne cradles Lego Lefty’s face and says, “You’re going to be a father.”

:18 Finally, Lego Payne picks the ball up out of the cup and kisses it. But he also raises the ball and roars, and it’s right on with the audio from the day.

Details matter in these, and Jacobs nails it, right down to the vest Payne made on his way to the first tee that fateful day. Look closely and you’ll see Jacobs has made the edges of the sleeves ragged. Remember, those vests weren’t around in 1999. Payne cut the sleeves off with scissors. And we still have the sleeves and scissors on display here at Pinehurst.

Well done, Jared. Well done.

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The most infamous shot in Pinehurst history?

It’s U.S. Open week, and this week at Pinehurst, we’ll take some time to look back on some of the most interesting moments in Pinehurst’s history of U.S. Opens.

To get things started, we look back at perhaps the most infamous shot in Pinehurst’s U.S. Open history – John Daly’s meltdown at the 8th hole in 1999. There is rarely video of the shot to be found, but for the time being, it can be seen here on Instagram:

It’s a shot that’s been talked about in Pinehurst forever, and when Daly visited a few years back, he didn’t shy away from it in one of the most popular interviews we’ve had on social media:

UPDATE: Now you can see a fun new version of Daly’s shot:

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Sprigging No. 4’s Greens

Thursday, June 7, marked a big day in the Gil Hanse redesign of Pinehurst No. 4, as all 18 greens – and the new practice green near the first tee – were sprigged. The greens will take about eight weeks to grow, and No. 4 is scheduled to open in late September.

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The Women’s Golf Getaway at Pinehurst

Women’s Golf and Travel Concierge founder and CEO Barbara Gutstadt explains how to get more bonding and game time from Women’s Golf Day expansions, the Women’s Golf Getaway, and WGD365 memberships. It is such a special day at Pinehurst.

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A little love for Larry and Frolin

Todd Gibson of WNCN CBS 17 was in Pinehurst recently to profile two of our favorite people, Larry Goins and Frolin Hatcher. The piece turned out really well, and we hope you’ll enjoy it as much as we enjoy seeing Larry and Frolin every day.

As for some of those famous faces Frolin mentions, here’s one of those great stories, too.

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