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First photo of the Pinehurst No. 4 Redesign

We’re excited to share our first photo of the Pinehurst No. 4 redesign by Gil Hanse:


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This Bubba Watson shot is pretty ridiculous

Even though he takes a (good-natured) shot at a friend of ours, we have to admit, this is pretty good from Bubba Watson:

Looking forward to Wesley’s response.

UPDATE: And Wesley has responded:

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A new way to look at Pinehurst

Photographer Scott Dickinson, whose feed on Instagram is definitely worth following, recently visited Pinehurst, giving us a perspective we won’t soon forget.

It’s remarkable to see Pinehurst through the eyes – and lenses – of our guests. Thanks, as always, for sharing them. Please enjoy a few of Scott’s images:

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Hit it closer with this simple tip

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You’ve found the fairway off the tee (and probably farther, too). So, now, how can we maximize our chances of hitting a good approach shot into the green?

Eric Alpenfels, the director of the Pinehurst Golf Academy, has a tip:


Alpenfels, when studying whether the Aim Small, Miss Small philosophy works for golf (the study was featured in the October issue of Golf Magazine), found that golfers aiming at a 15-yard wide target of the green accomplished two things:

  1. When testing with a 6 iron, they hit shots nearly seven yards longer.
  2. Their average deviation from the center of the green was just 6.3 yards with a 6 iron, compared to 7.4 yards when aiming at a small target (like, say, the pin).

Alpenfels, to his credit, will say that, scientifically, that’s a minimal difference in accuracy.

But as a golfer, the chance to be 9-10 feet CLOSER on a putt is huge.

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These Payne Stewart statue photos are among the best you’ll ever see

The title speaks for itself. These Payne Stewart statue photos are among the best you will ever see. (Well, maybe they can’t beat this one, and this one comes close, but you get the idea.)

Stunning work by photographer Scott Dickinson @smd_digital, and definitely worth a follow.

We were fortunate to catch up with Dickinson, who told us a little about his motivation behind the photos:

“I have been experimenting with some long exposure shots and wanted to incorporate the beautiful starry sky of North Carolina with some of the photos, and thought it would help give a taste of Payne’s aura and energy,” Dickinson said. “My favorite is the first one you’d featured where I’d set up behind the statue, and low so that it looks like he’s throwing his fist to the stars in triumph as he made the putt to win the 1999 U.S. Open. I remember as a little kid watching the tournament at the time, and the feeling of excitement for him, but it wasn’t til I grew older and really understood how it all went down that day. I get goosebumps every time thinking about how he handled the battle with Phil with such quiet confidence leading up to those final holes and finally unleashing his awesome celebration after draining that putt on 18. A true legend.”

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