After nearly 18 months since initial work began in November of 2021, hundreds of Pinehurst Resort staff joined executives, builders and local officials on the new, expanded veranda of The Carolina Hotel on Friday morning to commemorate the completed renovations of the grand historic hotel’s lobby, coffee shop, porches and many guest rooms with a ribbon cutting ceremony.

While some renovations continue at The Carolina – intermittent hammering and other work could be heard nearby as the Ryder Cup Lounge has begun its complete overhaul – the first week of Spring proved to be an appropriate time to celebrate the reimagined public spaces on The Carolina’s ground floor.

Pinehurst Resort President Tom Pashley speaks at The Carolina Hotel’s ribbon cutting ceremony.Pinehurst Resort President Tom Pashley speaks at The Carolina Hotel’s ribbon cutting ceremony.

“Countless people drive down Carolina Vista with an anticipation of arriving at Pinehurst, which they have been dreaming about, maybe, all their life, and we wanted this wonderful hotel to match the anticipation,” said Pinehurst Resort President Tom Pashley. “Our people always do a great job welcoming guests, but I think now the work that’s been done has taken that to the next level.”

With Village of Pinehurst Mayor John Strickland, Dwane Parsons of Parsons Construction and Randy Holmes of Glave & Holmes Architecture on hand among many others, Pinehurst Resort Director of Lodging Matt Chriscoe joined Pashley and members of Pinehurst’s staff to cut the ribbon and officially note the completion of the first stage of renovations.

The Lobby of The Carolina Hotel.The Lobby of The Carolina Hotel.

Those renovations have transformed the hotel’s public spaces into a more modern and inviting experience for guests while incorporating the timeless charm that has endured since The Carolina first opened its doors on New Year’s Eve in 1901. The lobby features new furnishings, comfortable seating areas and brighter, modern lighting fixtures, creating a warm and welcoming atmosphere. But it is accented by the return of notable touches from the past, such as the arched windows framing the exterior. The new design also includes updated check-in and concierge desks, making the process of arrival and departure more efficient for guests.

The Coffee House at The Carolina.The Coffee House at The Carolina.

The Coffee House has undergone a complete transformation. The updated space features an expanded open design with a wide selection of coffee, tea and snacks, making it the perfect spot for a quick bite or a leisurely break any time of day.

The Carolina’s guest rooms enjoy an equally expansive renewal, blending the modern luxuries the traveler has come to expect with the historic charm and comfort Pinehurst is known for. The refreshed rooms are brighter and feature all new fixtures, finishes and custom-built furniture. The completed rooms have been reconfigured with expanded bathrooms as lighting and soundproofing have also been improved.

“We’re incredibly proud of the renovations that have taken place, but we continue to progress,” Pashley said. “We’re in the middle of the next phase. The lobby’s done, the coffee shop is done, many rooms are done, but we have 60 rooms closed now upstairs and the next 60 will start as soon as those are done, all designed and finished by the Spring of 2024.

“It never stops. As (Pinehurst CEO) Bob Dedman says, ‘Always Pinehurst, always better,’ so we are always working on something here to take our guests’ experience to the next level.”

While work continues, Friday marked a special day in Pinehurst Resort’s ongoing evolution, and is one to be celebrated among the staff.

“It’s a great work of bricks and mortar, but it’s our people and the way they make you feel that has always made Pinehurst truly special, and nothing has changed with the way you are greeted and welcomed at Pinehurst,” Pashley said. “The building now matches the people.”