Larry Goins and Frolin Hatcher are many times the first faces and voices greeting guests at Pinehurst. They are, truly, among the greatest ambassadors Pinehurst has ever had in the 125-year history of the Resort.

Combined, they have about a century’s worth of experience at Pinehurst just between them. And we are grateful for them every single day.

You see it in their smiles, their warm greetings and their laughs. But in their wisdom as well:

“It doesn’t feel like 50 years, and I don’t feel like I’m over 75 years old either,” says Frolin, laughing. “Once you get into it, the time just goes by. I think this is the ideal job for me. I love people, and keeping them smiling, that’s our deal.”

“I usually take two weeks off in January and February,” Larry adds, “but spring has sprung if Frolin is back.”

“Spring is here if I am here,” says Frolin. “I am not coming back until the weather is warm.”

“I like the way people are interested in golf and see how happy they get playing it,” Larry adds. “Well, I tried to play, but it wasn’t for me, but I like seeing others enjoy playing.”

“I have had people come over and be mad, but when they leave here, me and Larry got them laughing,” Frolin adds. “And they will come back and tell us how much they enjoyed themselves. We just try to make them happy and do the extras when they get off the bus, speak to them, shake their hands, tell them we’re glad they’re here. And when they leave, we tell them to be sure and come back and see us, and they do.”

“If you see someone having a bad day, you grab one of their partners and ask to see if there’s something you can do, they will tell you, and you do it, and that works,” Goins explains.

“Every season is new. It’s always refreshing to come back to work…rain, shine, sleet or snow,” Larry says. “A spring day is my favorite, but every day is a beautiful day. We even love it when it rains.”

“Lee Trevino,” remembers Frolin, “he said, ‘Come on, let’s go and get some frozen yogurt.’ And we told him we couldn’t do that and we had to work.” “Trevino brought it to us, brought us each frozen yogurt!” Larry adds.

“We know each other in and out. I don’t ever get tired of Frolin. We don’t ever get tired of each other. He learns from me, and I learn a lot from him.”

Larry and Frolin, we love you guys.